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Kitchen Fire in Canadian HomeIn Canada, house fires are pretty common. There are around 24,000 house fires each year that result in 377 deaths and 3,048 injuries annually. Most of the culprits for these house fires can be narrowed down to cooking equipment, flammable liquids, and cigarettes. Fires are also most likely to happen in the kitchen, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and no one can predict when a fire is about to happen. Although it’s near impossible to prevent a fire from completely happening, there are a lot of things homeowners can do to diminish the chances of fires from ultimately damaging their homes or vacation rental properties.  

Fire damage is a real problem and can cause fatal results. If a fire were to occur in closed spaces

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Popular Home Builders in Calgary

Home Builders in Calgary, AB: Calgary's Most Popular Home Builders Guide

The Calgary real estate market offers many pre-built homes that have been well cared for by previous owners. However, these established homes offer little in the way of customization. While remodelling is an option, homeowners can only modify the home's structure so much. Calgary's most popular home builders are ready to assist if homeowners desire a home that fits their needs and exceeds their wildest dreams. Custom-built homes allow homeowners to modify every detail. If a homebuyer can dream of a design, these Calgary home builders can turn it into reality.

Sterling Homes Group

Sterling Homes Group has served homeowners and investors in Calgary for over 70 years. With

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Best Dog Parks in Calgary

Calgary's vibrant, rapidly growing city takes its quality of life very seriously, which has attracted a lot of positive attention. In fact, Calgary has won awards for things like its air quality and physical fitness. The benefits associated with Calgary extend to everyone, including dogs. Calgary offers several public facilities and city parks with both on- and off-leash dog access, with various trails and terrains for dogs and their owners to explore. The following places are some of the best dog parks in Calgary.

Roxboro & Erlton Off-Leash Dog Park

Roxboro & Erlton Off-Leash Dog Park Amenities

  • Walking trail
  • Swimming in Elbow River
  • Nearby tennis court

Roxboro Off-Leash Park is a designated dog park offering several

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Is Calgary Dog-Friendly?

A visit to Calgary doesn't have to mean leaving your dog with a sitter. With a little planning, visitors to Calgary can have a fun-filled time with their four-legged friends by their side, engaging in activities like downtown tours and scenic riverside walks. With so much to do, there is no need to leave pets at home or at the hotel — they can come along with visitors while they explore one of Canada's great historic cities. Here are some of the best dog-friendly activities and lodging in Calgary.

Dog-Friendly Activities in Calgary

Calgary has a wealth of activities that let dogs enjoy the city alongside their owners. The Downtown Calgary Professional Photo Tour allows owners and their dogs to explore the city's most scenic spots for photos. The

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Calgary, AB History

Archeologists have found evidence of human habitation in and around what is now Calgary dating back 12,000 years. The abundant game and fishing drew nomadic groups and settlers, and over the next 10,000 years, the Calgary area was home to at least three dominant cultures. Around 2,000 years ago, the Blackfoot people arrived from the Eastern Woodlands area. Later, the Sarcee came to the area from the north around the early 1700s. After that, the Stoney people came to the area from Manitoba.

The earliest evidence includes spear points found in plowed fields outside the city on its eastern edge. Campsites and bison kill contribute to the knowledge we have of the peoples who first lived in and travelled through this area. Fireplaces, tipi rings, and

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Best Restaurants in Calgary

Calgary has experienced a boom of growth as a cosmopolitan centre, facilitated by Canada's oil industry's ongoing success. With the presence of the city's museums, theatres, restaurants, and other major cultural touchpoints rapidly growing and evolving, there are many things to do in this major Canadian city. A review of the iconic restaurants is one way to explore—and start to understand better—all this city offers, especially for new residents or those planning to move to the area. Read on to discover Calgary's most iconic restaurants below so you can start planning your next dining experience in this amazing city.

CHARCUT Roast House

Popular Dishes at CHARCUT Roast House

  • Charcuterie
  • Alberta Beef Butcher Steak
  • Alley Poutine
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Calgary Most Walkable Neighbourhoods

Calgary, Alberta, has a lot to offer new residents relocating to the city. There are a variety of neighbourhoods conveniently located with access to area shopping, dining, and nightlife. Higher education facilities are also available, including the University of Alberta-Calgary Campus, University of Calgary-Downtown Campus, Bow Valley College North Campus, and Mount Royal University, just a short drive away.

From vintage and historical communities to modern high-rise buildings, Calgary provides an all-encompassing environment for everyone. The city is filled with an assortment of indoor attractions, outdoor activities, transportation options, and business and work opportunities.

Those who wish to live close to it all without needing to drive

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Calgary Best Neighbourhoods

Making a move to Calgary, Alberta, means having access to the natural beauty of the area—whether it's discovering the wonders of the Canadian Rockies, hiking the miles of scenic trails, or observing Canada's wildlife. Residents in Calgary's many neighbourhoods enjoy open spaces that blend a dash of country charm and city living in an array of architectural styles to suit individual preferences and needs. With the many outdoor activities, parks, restaurants, and shops available within driving or walking distance of many communities, every lifestyle can be accommodated in these six of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary.


Brentwood Amenities

  • Walkable to grocery stores and restaurants/cafés
  • Nearby parks
  • Easy access to retail
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Best Calgary Neighbourhoods Near Calgary International Airport

Those flying to, residing near, or considering a move to Calgary, Alberta, have many neighbourhoods to consider for their temporary stay or to call home. Whether someone has a long layover, wants to spend some time in the area, or travels to and from Calgary often, they'll most likely want to check out some fun things to do like shopping, eating, and more. The following neighbourhoods in Calgary are the closest to the Calgary International Airport.

Harvest Hills

Harvest Hills Amenities

  • Harvest Hills Golf Course
  • Harvest Hills Lake
  • Harvest Hills Park
  • Animal hospital
  • Landmark Cinemas
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools

Located in the Northeast quadrant of Calgary, Harvest Hills is a residential neighbourhood with a

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Calgary Most Affordable Neighbourhoods

Calgary's designation as one of the world's most liveable cities makes it a highly desirable destination. Clean air and water, top marks for healthcare and more are all part of the attraction. However, being a desirable place to live can result in higher real estate prices. The good news is that Calgary still has many affordable neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods offer attractions like proximity to art, culture, and entertainment, as well as easy access to nearby necessities. The following neighbourhoods have everything someone is looking for in a new affordable home in Calgary.

Deer Ridge

Deer Ridge Amenities

  • Deer Ridge Community Gardens
  • Outdoor hockey and skating rinks
  • Tennis courts

Deer Ridge is located in the

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