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A Look at Calgary Public Transportation OptionsMore than 1.3 million people live across Calgary, Alberta, and many more commute into the city daily for their personal and professional activities. With all those people moving through the city, the highways and surface streets often see a lot of congestion.

To minimize traffic problems, city developers have created many public transportation routes through the city center and beyond. These routes are quite efficient in shuttling people around, making them a great option any day of the week. To help everyone learn just what's available, here's a look at the Calgary public transit options.


At the heart of the Calgary public transportation system is the C-train, which was built all the way back in 1981. Since then, this light rail

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4 Must-See Coffee Shops in Calgary, ABCoffee shops are one of the best places to catch up with old friends, get to know new people, or just enjoy a few moments to yourself. There's something refreshing in walking into a small coffee shop you've never been to before. Here are 4 of the best coffee shops in Calgary, AB, to make your daily coffee trip into a new experience.

Annie's Café

Address: Annie's Café, 15985 Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary, AB

Have a coffee run off the beaten path at Annie's Café. The café, located in Fish Creek Park, is in a quaint farmhouse that carries a charming history: it used to house the ranch foremen and their families. Open during the warmest parts of the year, this out-of-the-way café is the perfect place to check out for lunch while on a stroll or bike

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What to Know About the Best Museums in CalgaryCalgary is a city of culture, where you can learn about a variety of topics, from art to music, history and more. Whether you're looking for a fun place to bring the kids on a rainy afternoon, or you're hoping to go on a date with a loved one, Calgary is an excellent place for learning and exploring. You might be visiting the area, moving to Calgary, or perhaps you've been living here for a long time. Either way, here's what you need to know about the best museums in the area.

Glenbow Museum

Address: Glenbow Museum, 130 9 Ave SE

Glenbow Museum in downtown Calgary is the place to be if you're a lover of art. With a range of exhibits that span decades of art, you'll be able to see old styles and contemporary pieces all in one location. People

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What Events Are Taking Place This March in Calgary, AB?There are far too many amazing festivals and events in Calgary in March, so attending them all isn't realistic. However, those who insist on seeing the best of the best will want to mark these scheduled gatherings on their calendar.

Cabane à Sucre Sugar Shack Festival

Date: March 14, 2020

Address: La Cite Des Rocheuses, 4800 Richard Road SW, Calgary, AB

Those with a sweet tooth cannot deny themselves the treat of attending the Cabane à Sucre Sugar Shack Festival mid-March. This Eastern Canada tradition is unique because the event brings together numerous cultures over something we all have in common: the love of great food and entertainment! Prepare for Native American, French-Canadian and Métis folk music and dancing throughout the day

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Cost of Living Information for People Moving to CalgaryFor a large urban area, the cost of living in Calgary is relatively low. Calgary is an affordable city center in Canada where people young and old can find an affordable place to live. It's also a great place to find work. Knowing the cost of living in an area is important if you're thinking about relocating there. Having this information can help you decide if you can afford to stay there over the long term. If you're thinking about moving to Calgary sometime in the near future, here's what you need to know about the cost of living in this thriving city. Having this information can help you make an informed decision.

How Much Money Do You Need to Live for One Month?

A standard family of four can expect to pay about $4,000 per month on everyday

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What You Need to Know About Calgary's HistoryIn the new year of 1894, Calgary was designated as a city in the Northwest Territories of Canada. While that may sound like the beginning of the story for this important Canadian city, the history of Calgary actually dates back thousands of years. Whether an individual has lived in the city for years, or family is moving to Calgary, it's important for everyone to have an understanding of this community's rich and storied past.

The Calgary Region and the First Nations Tribes

Life in Calgary can be traced back at least 11,000 years. Pre-Clovis people as well as First Nations tribes have long called this region home. The rich and fertile land that was filled with opportunities for hunting, farming and fishing made the Calgary region the ideal place

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4 Must-See February Events in Calgary, ABWhen you want to get out and explore unique events, there's no better place than Calgary. Here are some events to start with, from a princesses-and-knights-themed ball to a retelling of the feminist texts of a 17th-century nun. Read on to discover some of the best February events taking place this year in Calgary, AB.

The Hockey Sweater: Dr. Lola Rozsa Children's Concert

Date: February 2, 2020

Address: Jack Singer Concert Hall, 205 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K9, Canada

The Hockey Sweater is a timeless Canadian classic, and this year it comes to the orchestra in The Hockey Sweater: Dr. Lola Rozsa Children's Concert. Choreography, music, and narration come together to tell Roch Carrier's beloved tale on the stage. If you come an hour early,

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Popular School Districts in Calgary, ABThere are a number of school districts in Calgary, AB, and much to the pleasure of residents with children, many of these institutions are rated above-average and are highly desirable for students. There are over 200 schools within the Calgary Board of Education with numerous public school districts, along with a number of French schools, private schools and charter schools. Here are some top districts and schools to consider.

Northwest Calgary Schools: Area I

Often called the Parkdale Centre, the rapidly growing Area I Calgary School District comprises 28 communities with student enrollment rising just over 17,000 annually. Due to its size, students will have opportunities to participate in both advanced placement and gifted programs, with

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Key Things to Know About Moving to Calgary, AlbertaCalgary, Alberta is a lovely place to visit and maybe even to live someday. When considering this location as home base, getting to know it first is the best course of action. With an understanding of just what this city has to offer, everyone can decide if it is the right place for them to reside. Here's a look at the key things to know about moving to Calgary.

Sunshine is Plentiful Year Round

Known as the sunniest city in Canada, Calgary is blessed with sunshine for about 333 days each year. This equates to over 2,396 hours of bright, sunny skies that make enjoying outdoor adventures more rewarding than ever. The clouds do roll in on occasion, however, bringing 16.5 inches of rain every year.

Rapid Temp Changes are the Norm

Although it is

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Awesome Community Parks in CalgaryCalgary is absolutely full of amazing sights to see and fun things to do, but it is the parks that draw the most attention. Their beautiful parklands bring in visitors from far and wide, treating them to the best the outdoors has to offer. In response to the demand, the city built more than 5,000 greenspaces for everyone to enjoy. With so many to choose from, just how can anyone select which Calgary parks to go to? By taking a look at this guide, of course.

Nose Hill Park

Address: Nose Hill Park, 5620 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T3K 2P6, Canada

Nose Hill Park lies in the northwest corner of the city surrounded by attractive neighborhoods, including Edgemont and Brentwood. Across its 11 square miles, this greenspace features ample hiking trails with

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