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Calgary Best Neighbourhoods

Are you moving to Calgary and wondering where to find the best neighbourhoods? Look no further! The best neighborhoods in Calgary each have unique character and charm. From trendy and bustling to quiet and suburban, Calgary's neighbourhoods offer something for everyone. Are you ready to find your dream home? Here's everything you need to know about the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. 


Brentwood Amenities

  • Walkable to grocery stores and restaurants/cafés
  • Nearby parks
  • Easy access to retail shops

Established in 1960, the Brentwood neighbourhood can be found in the Northwest Calgary area. This quiet community has an excellent liveability rating and a relatively low cost of living. Homebuyers can choose from variety of

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Comparing Alberta and Ontario

Two provinces and over 2,800 kilometres might separate Ontario and Alberta, but they're not much different regarding their economy, transportation, and top things to do. Despite that, the Ontario vs. Alberta conversation—often manifesting as a choice between living in Calgary or Toronto—sparks hot debate for those trying to decide where to move.

To make that decision, it's often best to explore all each locale offers. Through that lens, everyone can quickly see how living in each area would benefit them now and in the long run. Use this guide on moving from Ontario to Alberta to start that journey.

Ontario Economy vs. Alberta Economy

Alberta remains a leader in provincial growth, although Ontario is not far behind. In Alberta, professional,

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Airdrie Most Expensive Neighbourhoods

The city of Airdrie is home to some of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in Alberta. These communities offer high-end homes, a wealth of local amenities and easy access to some of the best services in town. They're great options for homebuyers who value proximity to Calgary's big-city attractions but prefer Airdrie's small-town charm.

But which Airdrie communities offer the best value in luxury real estate? Which ones are convenient for commuters to Calgary, with proximity to Queen Elizabeth Highway II (QE2)? And which ones have the most water features and scenic pathways?

This guide will tell homebuyers considering moving to Airdrie all about the city's most expensive neighbourhoods.


Ravenswood is one of East Airdrie's newest

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Moving to Alberta Living Guide

Are you considering moving to Alberta? If so, there are many things to consider before making the big move. From housing and cost of living to popular attractions and climate in the area, it is essential to get an idea of what life will be like if you choose Alberta as your new home. Schools, driving laws and other factors can help you decide whether moving to Calgary, Edmonton, or some of the smaller towns in the province is right for you.

Housing in Alberta

Alberta offers a variety of housing options, from single-family homes to condos and townhomes. The cost of housing in Alberta is relatively low compared to other provinces, making it an attractive option for those looking to buy or rent a home.

Many different types of homes are available

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Calgary Best Tech Companies

The tech industry in Calgary is booming. With more and more companies looking to establish a presence here, it's an exciting time for those looking for technology jobs. From start-ups to IT firms and software developers, plenty of opportunities are available for anyone moving to Calgary to join this dynamic industry. This blog covers some of the best tech companies in Calgary, highlighting their benefits and what you need to know about them before getting involved. We'll also discuss Alberta's role in supporting tech growth throughout the city. Get ready to take your career to new heights in the city of Calgary. 

What to Know About Calgary's Growing Tech Industry

Calgary is home to a vibrant tech industry, with many start-ups and established

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Calgary Best Neighbourhoods for Enjoying Nature

Homebuyers have been moving to Calgary by the thousands in recent years, and it's easy to see why. Calgary's economy is booming, and the city offers a diverse dining and entertainment scene, plus affordable housing. But one of the top draws to this gorgeous Alberta city is the access to nature, both around town and right in residents' backyards. Let's explore five of the top communities for enjoying nature in Calgary.

Silver Springs

When enjoying nature in Calgary, there are few better choices than the idyllic Silver Springs community in Northwest Calgary, located between Crowchild Trail, the Bow River, and Nose Hill Drive. There's no more prominent attraction in the area than Bowmont Park, a sprawling green space along the Bow River covering

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Schools and School Districts in Airdrie

One of the first questions many people ask when moving to a new city is about the local schools. For those moving to Airdrie, the city offers students many educational opportunities across grade levels and different lagnuages. Here's a closer look at the schools and school districts in the city of Airdrie, Alberta, and what they have to offer.

Public Schools in Airdrie

Rocky View Schools is the district that administers the secular public schools in Airdrie and much of the surrounding rural areas to the north of Calgary. The district has a list of school boundary maps to help residents determine which schools are connected to their Airdrie addresses. Rocky View Schools manages 18 public schools, including the following:

  • AE Bowers Elementary
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Airdrie Best Neighbourhoods

The city of Airdrie may be smaller than nearby Calgary, but that doesn't make it any less exciting. If anything, Airdrie's best neighbourhoods offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis while still affording residents access to modern amenities. They're positioned near the city's best restaurants, schools, shops, and recreational areas, leaving no shortage of things to do in Airdrie. Better yet, they boast an affordable housing stock of recent builds, helping Airdronians stretch their dollars even further.

But for those visiting or moving to Airdrie, where are the best neighbourhoods in the city? And with so many unique Airdrie communities, how does one choose?

To help narrow down the search, here are a few of the best

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Comparing Calgary and Vancouver

Although they're separated by nearly 1,000 kilometres, Vancouver and Calgary have quite a few things in common, but they also differ in several important ways.

While Vancouver is a coastal city, Calgary has an inland location in Alberta. Its population exceeds 1.3 million residents, and Calgary's climate features colder but drier and brighter conditions. It's known for rodeo events, winter sports and the Calgary Tower. Vancouver experiences warm, frequently wet weather. Around 662,000 people live in this British Columbia city famous for its seaside landscapes and prosperous film industry. For anyone considering moving to Calgary or Vancouver, this guide will help to highlight the main similarities and differences.

Calgary Economy vs. Vancouver

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Moving to Airdrie, AB Living Guide

If you're considering moving to Calgary or the surrounding area, Airdrie might be the place for you. Airdrie is a great city with a lot to offer visitors and residents all year. There are plenty of local attractions and shops to keep you entertained and a strong sense of community that helps you feel right at home. And with quick access to Calgary for work or recreation, it's a great central hub for people living in Alberta.

If you have considered making Airdrie your new home, there are probably some things you want to know before you move in. From the economy and job market to outdoor recreation and nightlife, we've got you covered with everything you need to learn about Airdrie.

Cost of Living in Airdrie

The cost of living in Airdrie is

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