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Comparing Calgary and Montréal

When deciding where to live, Canada's major cities are vibrant places, each with its own sense of character and appeal. Among these are Calgary and Montréal, the third- and second-largest cities in the nation, respectively.

Calgary is noted for combining metropolitan appeal and amenities with a strong sense of community, while Montréal is widely regarded as Canada's economic and cultural hub. Each of these cities holds substantial potential as a place to call home for anyone. If you're considering moving to Calgary or Montréal, you're deciding between two great cities. Learn how Calgary and Montréal compare in several key categories worth considering in a future residence.

Calgary Economy vs. Montréal Economy

One primary consideration for

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Best Business Improvement Areas in Calgary

Calgary is one of Canada's largest and most thriving cities, functioning as a hub of the region's energy sector as well as other industries. But it's also known for its high quality of life, in part due to the hard work of the city's Business Improvement Areas, also known as BIAs. Whether you're moving to Calgary or own an established Calgary business, knowing the city's BIAs will pay off.

Fifteen BIAs are spread across Calgary to develop or beautify local properties, improve and maintain public parking, and promote the neighbourhood economy. They also help facilitate communication between residents and the city. Funded by a small annual levy on businesses within the BIA, these relatively little-known organizations can play a huge role in a

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What it's Like to Live in West Calgary

Once a western town, the city of Calgary is now Alberta's largest metro area and one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. With its rugged, natural beauty, ample employment opportunities, strong local economy, and outstanding quality of life scores, it's easy to see why so many people are moving to the Calgary Metropolitan Area. And while nearly every area of the city has seen a population boom, one of Calgary's fastest-growing districts is West Calgary.

Founded in 1957, West Calgary is one of two surviving ridings from the Redistribution of Calgary in 1959. Today, West Calgary is a dynamic residential district encompassing many neighbourhoods. Located north of the Glenmore Reservoir and south of the Trans Canada Highway, West Calgary is easily

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University of Calgary Best Neighbourhoods

The University of Calgary is one of the most well-known universities in Canada. Its picturesque campus is located in Northwest Calgary, between 24 Avenue and 32 Avenue, and the nearby communities are known as some of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. Living near the university provides convenient amenities and short commutes throughout the city. Whether you're looking for an investment property or a primary residence, the neighbourhoods near the University of Calgary are likely to have exactly what you need.


Located just a three-minute drive from the University of Calgary, Varsity is one of Northwest Calgary's most desirable neighbourhoods. It offers convenient access to shops, parks, and Calgary schools. Also known as Varsity Village,

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Best Rocky Mountain Activities Near Calgary

As the sunniest city in Canada, Calgary is a great place to experience nature. No matter what season it is, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the Rocky Mountains near Calgary. In the winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding at one of the nearby resorts. In the summer, you can go hiking or biking on mountain trails. There are also plenty of options for fishing, camping, and sightseeing in every season. So if you're moving to Calgary, visiting, or already here, get ready to stay busy in the great outdoors!


Rocky Mountain Activities in Winter

It should come as little surprise that Calgary has much to offer those who enjoy cold-weather activities—Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympics. It truly is the ultimate destination for wintertime fun.

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What it's Like to Live in Southwest Calgary

Divided by the Elbow River and the Glenmore Reservoir, Southwest Calgary is best known for its walkable neighbourhoods and gorgeous green spaces, notably Heritage Park. The Southwest is separated from the Southeast Calgary district by the Macleod Trail, which acts as a boundary between the districts. Living in Southwest Calgary offers a dynamic, lively lifestyle with some of the best attractions Calgary has to offer.

Southwest Calgary Lifestyle

Southwest Calgary is home to many residential neighbourhoods and some of the most beautiful nature parks and green spaces. With its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Southwest Calgary also has stunning mountain views that contribute to the city's well-earned reputation as one of North America's most

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How to Take Advantage of Sunny Days in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, is the largest city in its province and the third-largest in Canada. It also has the distinction of being the sunniest of the country's major cities. Measured in either number of hours or days, Calgary easily tops the list with 2,396 hours of sunshine over a staggering 333 days—a little over 91% of the year on average.

Even when analyzed based on the amount of sunlight per daylight hours, Calgary tops the list with 52%; it's no wonder the prospect of moving to Calgary is so appealing. The city is located in the Canadian Prairies, which, as a whole, experiences the sunniest days in the nation. If you're looking to buy a townhome for sale in Calgary, get your sunscreen ready!

Sunshine in Calgary Year-Round

Although Calgary is

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Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Condo

In the case of small spaces that often present themselves in condos, the best laid out homes have one common factor: they make full use of their available square footage. Those who choose to invest in a condo instead of a house can maximize their space through furnishing wisely, going upwards, or using walls for storage, decorations, or perhaps a little bit of all these approaches. Keep reading to discover design ideas to help you get the most out of your condo's limited space.

Think Vertically & Take Advantage of Wall Space

Vertical space in a condo is valuable and can be taken advantage of in several ways. One of the simplest ways to go vertical is to use shelving, and floor-to-ceiling designs are the most impactful and valuable. Tall shelves

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What it's Like to Live in Southeast Calgary

Welcome to Calgary, the largest city in Alberta. With nearly 1.5 million people in the metro area, it's also among the biggest in Canada. Spanning more than 820 square kilometres, the city of Calgary contains countless different neighbourhoods, each with its own amenities and style and spanning a wide price range. Still, it retains the undeniable western heritage of the province, helping give it the nickname "Cowtown". With home prices in the high $400s and rents ranging from $600–$1000 per bedroom per month, it offers a reasonable cost of living even with the increased demand for housing.

The Southeast Calgary neighbourhood is one of the city's largest, most diverse, and most popular districts. But those coming to the city from afar may wonder what

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Calgary Neighbourhoods With Outdoor Skating Rinks

Calgary comes to life with fun things to do during the winter! With its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and WinSport, the local winter sports arena, many of Calgary's best outdoor activities don't start until the temperatures drop. Among the area's many cold-weather amenities, skating rinks is one of the most highly sought-after. Not only is hockey one of the country's favourite sports, but ice skating is also one of Calgary's most popular winter activities. As a result, many of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary offer outdoor skating rinks. Strap on your skates and get ready for some winter fun!

Bridgeland: 9a Park Bridgeland Rink

Nestled on the northern banks of the Bow River, Bridgeland is home to some of the area's best nature trails, bike

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