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Calgary Best Lake Communities

From world-class shopping and dining to spectacular provincial parks and pristine lakes, there are a lot of great reasons to move to Calgary. This Alberta city is best known for its rugged natural beauty, with prairie lands to the east and the jaw-dropping Canadian Rockies to the west—all within the third-largest city in Canada. Yet, while it's best recognized for its parks and mountainous backdrop, one of the greatest aspects of living in Calgary is its lakes. With eight lakes within the city limits, many Calgary residents spend a lot of time near the water. As a result, many Calgarians search for homes on or near the city's lakes. Here are some of the best lake communities in the city of Calgary.

Lake Bonavista

Located in southeast Calgary, the

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Your Calgary Real Estate Market UpdateLooking to buy or sell a home in Calgary? You'll need the latest information to research the local real estate market. We'll keep you updated on the average prices, current inventory, supply and demand, future prospects, and how these all relate year-over-year to help you make the best homebuying and selling decisions. Read on for the latest update on the Calgary real estate market.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Calgary Real Estate Market Update - September 2022


People often wonder if Calgary is catching up to other major Canadian cities in slow motion or if Calgary real estate is really in a class of its own. It's the

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Calgary Waterfront Property

Buying a waterfront home is an exciting opportunity. Doing so may mean having direct access to the water in some areas. In other areas, owners may have a view and the ability to walk to the waterfront itself. From lakes to rivers, buying waterfront homes requires paying close attention to more than just the way the home looks and its amenities. It is also essential to consider the laws and regulations regarding these properties. This can differ from one area to the next. To keep everything straight, it helps to know what to ask. Keep reading to learn what questions to ask before buying a waterfront home.

What Are the Boundaries of My Waterfront Ownership?

In Alberta, waterfront landowners typically own the land directly bounded by a natural water

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Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Condo

In the case of small spaces that often present themselves in condos, the best laid out homes have one common factor: they make full use of their available square footage. Those who choose to invest in a condo instead of a house can maximize their space through furnishing wisely, going upwards, or using walls for storage, decorations, or perhaps a little bit of all these approaches. Keep reading to discover design ideas to help you get the most out of your condo's limited space.

Think Vertically & Take Advantage of Wall Space

Vertical space in a condo is valuable and can be taken advantage of in several ways. One of the simplest ways to go vertical is to use shelving, and floor-to-ceiling designs are the most impactful and valuable. Tall shelves

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What it's Like to Live in Southeast Calgary

Welcome to Calgary, the largest city in Alberta. With nearly 1.5 million people in the metro area, it's also among the biggest in Canada. Spanning more than 820 square kilometres, the city of Calgary contains countless different neighbourhoods, each with its own amenities and style and spanning a wide price range. Still, it retains the undeniable western heritage of the province, helping give it the nickname "Cowtown". With home prices in the high $400s and rents ranging from $600–$1000 per bedroom per month, it offers a reasonable cost of living even with the increased demand for housing.

The Southeast Calgary neighbourhood is one of the city's largest, most diverse, and most popular districts. But those coming to the city from afar may wonder what

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What to Know Before Buying a Penthouse Condo

Living in a condo offers many advantages, but choosing to purchase a penthouse unit provides many more benefits and features than buyers typically find in a standard condo unit. As home seekers explore the different condo options, it's important they ask plenty of questions to help ensure they get the lifestyle and home features they seek.

Before signing a contract, be sure to do plenty of research, so there's no confusion about what a penthouse is and – perhaps more importantly – what it's not. This is because the definition of a penthouse has evolved in recent years and what's being sold may not exactly be what's expected.

Determine if a Penthouse is Worth It

How much does a penthouse cost? Is it worth the price tag? These are important

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Calgary Neighbourhoods With Outdoor Skating Rinks

Calgary comes to life with fun things to do during the winter! With its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and WinSport, the local winter sports arena, many of Calgary's best outdoor activities don't start until the temperatures drop. Among the area's many cold-weather amenities, skating rinks is one of the most highly sought-after. Not only is hockey one of the country's favourite sports, but ice skating is also one of Calgary's most popular winter activities. As a result, many of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary offer outdoor skating rinks. Strap on your skates and get ready for some winter fun!

Bridgeland: 9a Park Bridgeland Rink

Nestled on the northern banks of the Bow River, Bridgeland is home to some of the area's best nature trails, bike

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Must-Have Amenities for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Owning a luxury waterfront home is about much more than enjoying the views of an inlet or lake—although that reason is essential. Living in a waterfront home is also about expressing a particular lifestyle. There are several ways to make the most of living on a river, from making additions to the home to ensuring that the riverfront property you buy is surrounded by amenities that you'll love.

Adapt Your Home to Your Lifestyle

When thinking about what to add to a luxury waterfront home, it is important to consider your lifestyle. While some additions might increase the value of the home, you're the one currently living in it—don't spend money making any changes that you won't enjoy yourself. For example, if you enjoy kayaking, you'll need

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What it's Like to Live in South Calgary

Located just 5.5 kilometres from Downtown Calgary, the South Calgary community is a residential area offering its residents many amenities. With easy access to Crowchild Trail SW, South Calgary is also an ideal neighbourhood for those commuting to the downtown area. Just a few of the reasons to love living in South Calgary include job opportunities, a mix of hiking and biking trails, and numerous shops and restaurants.

South Calgary Lifestyle

Lifestyle in South Calgary, AB

South Calgary is a vibrant, dynamic area with much to offer its residents, including several recreational facilities and parks. There are plenty of opportunities to stay active and engaged, from outdoor pools and sports centres to beautiful city parks. South Calgary also has employment opportunities in

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Outdoor Design Tips for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Those looking to invest in a home for rental purposes or long-term occupancy typically have a vision in place. Some may be seeking endless recreational activities on lakes and beaches, while others want to enjoy peace along a stream or reservoir. Regardless of the location, waterfront homes are highly desired in the real estate market. Make the most of all opportunities to transition a vision into a daily reality by using the following design tips to meld the indoors with the outdoors.

Begin With Beautiful Waterfront Property Landscaping

Any well-thought-out luxury waterfront property maximizes views and catches the interest and adoration of passersby with a balance of hardscaping and soft landscaping installations. Of course, how owners and

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