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Providing professional real estate services for people looking to buy and sell real estate in Calgary and surrounding areas. Proven marketing plan that sells properties. Call for your free home evaluation today and have your home listed tomorrow.

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Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Condo

In the case of small spaces that often present themselves in condos, the best laid out homes have one common factor: they make full use of their available square footage. Those who choose to invest in a condo instead of a house can maximize their space through furnishing wisely, going upwards, or using walls for storage, decorations, or perhaps a little bit of all these approaches. Keep reading to discover design ideas to help you get the most out of your condo's limited space.

Think Vertically & Take Advantage of Wall Space

Vertical space in a condo is valuable and can be taken advantage of in several ways. One of the simplest ways to go vertical is to use shelving, and floor-to-ceiling designs are the most impactful and valuable. Tall shelves

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What it's Like to Live in Calgary's City Centre

With its rugged, natural beauty, ample employment opportunities, booming local economy, and high quality of living, it's easy to see why so many people are eager to invest in Calgary real estate. And of the areas that are rapidly growing, one of the most in-demand areas is the City Centre community.

The City Centre community is a vibrant urban district in the center of Canada's third-largest city, with a world-class food scene, a budding art scene, and a thriving economy. Comprising ten primary neighbourhoods, the City Centre is bounded by the Bow River at the north, 14th Street SW at the west, the Elbow River at the east, and borders 1 Street SE and Stampede Park at the south. Does life in the heart of Calgary sound like a dream come true? Keep

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What it's Like to Live in North Calgary

Calgary is well-known as one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. With its rugged, natural beauty, booming local economy, and high quality of living, it's easy to see why so many people are interested in Calgary real estate. And while nearly every area of Calgary is growing, one of the fastest-growing areas is the North Calgary community, which borders the City Centre, the Northeast Calgary, and the Northwest Calgary.

While quieter than the City Centre with its Beltline nightlife options, North Calgary balances residential tranquillity and big-city vibrancy. Just a quick commute from Downtown Calgary and the Calgary Airport, North Calgary is a beautiful area filled with parks, charming shops, and tree-lined streets. Home to famous Nose Hill

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Your Calgary Real Estate Market UpdateLooking to buy or sell a home in Calgary? You'll need the latest information to research the local real estate market. We'll keep you updated on the average prices, current inventory, supply and demand, future prospects, and how these all relate year-over-year to help you make the best homebuying and home selling decisions. Read on for the latest quarterly update on the Calgary real estate market.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Calgary Real Estate Market Update for Q1 2022

Calgary's seen a record high in home sales, thanks to an influx of new listings. Homebuyers are seeing some choice again after the low inventory of the previous

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What Do You Own When You Buy a Condo?

Often boasting fantastic views and luxury amenities, condos for sale make excellent investments for first-time buyers and seasoned investors, alike. But after getting approved for a mortgage and signing on the dotted line, what do you actually own?

There are specific differences in definitions and terms that buyers need to know in order to understand the extent of their investment. Condos can be better investments than detached homes, but the legalities of condominium ownership are very different. It pays to investigate what those differences are upfront so that you are aware of the legal requirements and financial obligations that apply to each type of housing. Keep reading to learn about several key factors that influence what you actually own

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Reasons to Buy a Condo Instead of a Single-Family Home

Where to live is not the only thing to think about when buying property. It's also essential to consider what type of property is best. A single-family home works well for many as it offers ample space and the flexibility to design and style it as the owner wishes. Yet, there are a few compelling reasons to consider condos for sale instead. Condos are located in a shared building, but they still allow for full ownership. Keep reading to learn four reasons to buy a condo instead of a single-family home.

Condos Are Great First Investments

Condos can be an exciting point of entry to the real estate world for first-time home buyers. They tend to have a lower purchase price than homes of the same size. That lower cost typically translates into a

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Outdoor Design Tips for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Those looking to invest in a home for rental purposes or long-term occupancy typically have a vision in place. Some may be seeking endless recreational activities on lakes and beaches, while others want to enjoy peace along a stream or reservoir. Regardless of the location, waterfront homes are highly desired in the real estate market. Make the most of all opportunities to transition a vision into a daily reality by using the following design tips to meld the indoors with the outdoors.

Begin With Beautiful Waterfront Property Landscaping

Any well-thought-out luxury waterfront property maximizes views and catches the interest and adoration of passersby with a balance of hardscaping and soft landscaping installations. Of course, how owners and

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Must-Have Amenities for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Owning a luxury waterfront home is about much more than enjoying the views of an inlet or lake—although that reason is essential. Living in a waterfront home is also about expressing a particular lifestyle. Keep reading to discover four ways for buyers to receive the most bang for their buck when purchasing a luxury home along the water.

Add a Private Dock or Boat Slip

Adding a private dock or a boat slip to a property is almost certain to increase the value of one's home. However, homeowners must ensure they follow all accretion rules along the shoreline and have the proper required permits before building a dock.

Owning a dock or boat slip adds a tremendous convenience to the homeowner. Many luxury waterfront homeowners also own a boat to

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Construction Styles that Maximize Water Views

One of the greatest joys of owning a luxury waterfront home is the views it provides the owner, their family members, and visiting guests. Water views should be a top priority when a new waterfront home is built or an existing one is renovated. Unrestricted water view features can reduce stress, whether homeowners live next to a lake, an inlet, an ocean, or a river. Homes with waterfront views also make a statement about the owner's lifestyle and priorities. Keep reading to discover tips for maximizing water views when constructing a new home.

Windows Should Face the Water

This tip seems very obvious, but there is more to it than building a home with more windows. The way the house is oriented on the property makes a big difference, which

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Conveniences of Living in North Calgary

North Calgary in Alberta has much to offer residents. For those considering purchasing one of the townhomes or luxury homes in this area, it's essential to get a feel for this community before deciding to invest in it. The city is diverse, from beautiful neighbourhoods with historic architecture to ample green space and the downtown area's business core. Some residents commute from the city's suburban area into downtown for work, entertainment, and dining. Read on to discover four of the biggest conveniences of living in North Calgary if you're considering buying a home in this area.

Short Commutes to Downtown Calgary

One of the best reasons to live in North Calgary is the shorter commute times to some of the most prominent areas in the region,

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