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3 Steps to Better Garage Organization

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 at 8:02am.

How to Organize Your GarageMany people who buy homes also want one with a garage. However, many people's garages become a storage space for everything they can't fit into their home. Whether it's seasonal decorations or that exercise machine someone ordered on a late-night infomercial, the space can become crowded quickly. This may work out fine—until homeowners realize that they can't find anything or that there's no room for any additional items. Here a few ways that everyone can get their garage in order.

Use the Walls

The walls are absolutely crucial for homeowners who use this area for storage. Group similar items together on shelves, or hang large items on hooks along the wall. This not only makes it easier to locate certain items, but it will also give everyone easy access to big-ticket equipment. Those paddle-boards aren't doing anyone any good gathering dust in the corner. Hanging them on the wall keeps them stay cleaner and helps people remember to use them.

Pull-Out Drawers

One of the best parts about having a garage is that people can save money by buying in bulk. But if Southeast Calgary homeowners don't have the means to store all their new-found treasures, they risk losing them to accidents or just the general wear and tear of time. One way to avoid this is to use deep pull-out drawers to stock extra toiletries or non-perishable goods. Storage bins can provide a similar benefit, as long as everything is labeled appropriately and residents stick to the storage system.

Tack It Up

Shelves with the addition of magnets make a great place to keep various tools or other metal goods. This tip is excellent for the DIYer who loves to use their garage to tackle their many projects. Magnets keep tools handy to save time and facilitate creativity. Other strategies include:

  • Ceilings: Homeowners can also use the ceiling to hang large items (e.g., bicycles, etc.).
  • Clothespins: Those without metal racks can use clothespins to hang up winter accessories during summer or baseball caps during the winter.
  • Racks: Wall racks or garage shelving is a great way to group items. They can be hung all over the garage and used to hold anything from dog leashes to sports equipment.

Getting the garage in order isn't rocket science, but it will require some degree of ingenuity on the part of the homeowner. How each person designs their garage will depend on how they use it, and what the plan to store in the future.

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