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September 2022

Found 4 blog entries for September 2022.

How to Take Advantage of Sunny Days in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, is the largest city in its province and the third-largest in Canada. It also has the distinction of being the sunniest of the country's major cities. Measured in either number of hours or days, Calgary easily tops the list with 2,396 hours of sunshine over a staggering 333 days—a little over 91% of the year on average.

Even when analyzed based on the amount of sunlight per daylight hours, Calgary tops the list with 52%; it's no wonder the prospect of moving to Calgary is so appealing. The city is located in the Canadian Prairies, which, as a whole, experiences the sunniest days in the nation. If you're looking to buy a townhome for sale in Calgary, get your sunscreen ready!

Sunshine in Calgary Year-Round

Although Calgary is

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Calgary Best Lake Communities

From world-class shopping and dining to spectacular provincial parks and pristine lakes, there are a lot of great reasons to move to Calgary. This Alberta city is best known for its rugged natural beauty, with prairie lands to the east and the jaw-dropping Canadian Rockies to the west—all within the third-largest city in Canada. Yet, while it's best recognized for its parks and mountainous backdrop, one of the greatest aspects of living in Calgary is its lakes. With eight lakes within the city limits, many Calgary residents spend a lot of time near the water. As a result, many Calgarians search for homes on or near the city's lakes. Here are some of the best lake communities in the city of Calgary.

Lake Bonavista

Located in southeast Calgary, the

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Calgary Waterfront Property

Buying a waterfront home is an exciting opportunity. Doing so may mean having direct access to the water in some areas. In other areas, owners may have a view and the ability to walk to the waterfront itself. From lakes to rivers, buying waterfront homes requires paying close attention to more than just the way the home looks and its amenities. It is also essential to consider the laws and regulations regarding these properties. This can differ from one area to the next. To keep everything straight, it helps to know what to ask. Keep reading to learn what questions to ask before buying a waterfront home.

What Are the Boundaries of My Waterfront Ownership?

In Alberta, waterfront landowners typically own the land directly bounded by a natural water

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Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Condo

In the case of small spaces that often present themselves in condos, the best laid out homes have one common factor: they make full use of their available square footage. Those who choose to invest in a condo instead of a house can maximize their space through furnishing wisely, going upwards, or using walls for storage, decorations, or perhaps a little bit of all these approaches. Keep reading to discover design ideas to help you get the most out of your condo's limited space.

Think Vertically & Take Advantage of Wall Space

Vertical space in a condo is valuable and can be taken advantage of in several ways. One of the simplest ways to go vertical is to use shelving, and floor-to-ceiling designs are the most impactful and valuable. Tall shelves

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