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Schools and School Districts in Airdrie

One of the first questions many people ask when moving to a new city is about the local schools. For those moving to Airdrie, the city offers students many educational opportunities across grade levels and different lagnuages. Here's a closer look at the schools and school districts in the city of Airdrie, Alberta, and what they have to offer.

Public Schools in Airdrie

Rocky View Schools is the district that administers the secular public schools in Airdrie and much of the surrounding rural areas to the north of Calgary. The district has a list of school boundary maps to help residents determine which schools are connected to their Airdrie addresses. Rocky View Schools manages 18 public schools, including the following:

  • AE Bowers Elementary
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Airdrie Best Neighbourhoods

The city of Airdrie may be smaller than nearby Calgary, but that doesn't make it any less exciting. If anything, Airdrie's best neighbourhoods offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis while still affording residents access to modern amenities. They're positioned near the city's best restaurants, schools, shops, and recreational areas, leaving no shortage of things to do in Airdrie. Better yet, they boast an affordable housing stock of recent builds, helping Airdronians stretch their dollars even further.

But for those visiting or moving to Airdrie, where are the best neighbourhoods in the city? And with so many unique Airdrie communities, how does one choose?

To help narrow down the search, here are a few of the best

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Comparing Calgary and Vancouver

Although they're separated by nearly 1,000 kilometres, Vancouver and Calgary have quite a few things in common, but they also differ in several important ways.

While Vancouver is a coastal city, Calgary has an inland location in Alberta. Its population exceeds 1.3 million residents, and Calgary's climate features colder but drier and brighter conditions. It's known for rodeo events, winter sports and the Calgary Tower. Vancouver experiences warm, frequently wet weather. Around 662,000 people live in this British Columbia city famous for its seaside landscapes and prosperous film industry. For anyone considering moving to Calgary or Vancouver, this guide will help to highlight the main similarities and differences.

Calgary Economy vs. Vancouver

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Moving to Airdrie, AB Living Guide

If you're considering moving to Calgary or the surrounding area, Airdrie might be the place for you. Airdrie is a great city with a lot to offer visitors and residents all year. There are plenty of local attractions and shops to keep you entertained and a strong sense of community that helps you feel right at home. And with quick access to Calgary for work or recreation, it's a great central hub for people living in Alberta.

If you have considered making Airdrie your new home, there are probably some things you want to know before you move in. From the economy and job market to outdoor recreation and nightlife, we've got you covered with everything you need to learn about Airdrie.

Cost of Living in Airdrie

The cost of living in Airdrie is

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Comparing Calgary and Winnipeg

Calgary or Winnipeg: where would you rather live? That's a question many people are asking themselves. While there are no wrong choices, each city has unique features to suit a broad array of lifestyle factors, housing preferences, and careers.

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the biggest metropolitan area of the three Prairie Provinces. It has a rich history and a climate with cold winters and the most sunshine of any Canadian city. The population of Calgary is around 1.61 million people, making it a significant hub and popular destination for new arrivals. There's no doubt about it—Calgary real estate is some of the most desirable in Canada.

On the other hand, Winnipeg is Manitoba's capital city and the largest city in that province.

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Comparing Calgary and Edmonton

Edmonton and Calgary are two of the most well-known cities in Alberta. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, while Calgary is the most populated and largest city in Alberta. The cities may share a province, but they're still strikingly different places to live. The economies, weather conditions, attractions, and real estate markets of both cities have unique characteristics that suit different lifestyles

If you are unsure which area is the right fit for your future, this guide is here to help. We will look at what makes each city unique and special, along with the benefits of residing in each one. We'll also discuss the differences between homes for sale in Calgary and real estate in Edmonton and help you determine the best place to live.


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Best Neighbourhoods Near Alberta University of the Arts

Located in Calgary, Alberta University of the Arts provides higher education for students interested in artistic careers. The university's location offers several nearby communities for future residents to consider, each with a unique vibe and amenities. The following seven options are some of the top neighbourhoods near Alberta University of the Arts.


The Rosemont neighbourhood is just a few minutes north of the university and close to many attractions and amenities in downtown Calgary. Rosemont stretches from 23rd Avenue to the south to Cambrian Drive to the north and lies between 14th Street NW to the west and 10th Street to the east. The area includes part of Confederation Park, which offers over 160 hectares to explore, including

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Best Neighborhoods Near the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

In addition to its great location near the Rocky Mountains and its thriving downtown, Calgary is also known for notable colleges and universities. The city is home to Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), a school offering technology career and business and trades programs. This technical institute has been around since 1916. SAIT has a main campus close to the downtown area that is easy to get to via Calgary's public transportation system. Reaching campus can be even simpler by living in one of the several neighbourhoods near Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.


The Rosedale neighbourhood sits between the Trans-Canada Highway and McHugh Bluff Park, giving residents easy access to major roadways, public transportation,

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Best Neighbourhoods Near Mount Royal University

Calgary remains a highly desirable city to live in. Population growth has remained steady at a little more than 2% per year for the past few years. That means more businesses, jobs, and new construction homes in Calgary. There are many different neighbourhoods here to meet the type of lifestyle a newcomer moving to Calgary wants to enjoy. The question is, which neighbourhood works best for each of them? Here's a short guide to the best neighbourhoods near Mount Royal University, one of the larger employers in Calgary.


The CFB Currie neighbourhood borders Mt. Royal University. Richardson Way SW marks the university's northern boundary and Currie's southern boundary. Homes for sale in Currie list from the low $400s, where buyers can find new

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Average Home Prices in Calgary 2022/2023Calgary has a buzz on. Life in Alberta's biggest city is good, the economy is thriving, work is abundant, wages are high, taxes are low, homes are affordable, lifestyles are diverse, and the natural scenery rivals anywhere in the world. And, it's been a record year for Calgary real estate, with residential sales 12% above the 10-year average.

Still, as we prepare to ring in a new year, it's all about the supply chain in local real estate – an inventory level that is now at its lowest since 2005, largely impacted by the withdrawal in sales and new listings. Lower-priced properties felt the stiffest conditions as higher-priced homes drove supply growth this year.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate

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