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Moving to Canmore, AB Living Guide

Tucked in the Canadian Rockies just over 100 kilometres west of Downtown Calgary, Canmore combines outdoor adventure and quaint small-town ambiance. Known for its picturesque landscapes and a range of outdoor activities, the town also prides itself on a community dedicated to environmental care. 

For those contemplating moving to Alberta, understanding the nuances of life in Canmore—from its housing market to the local cultural scene—is essential.

10 Reasons to Move to Canmore

  • Downhill, touring, and Nordic skiing
  • Abundant outdoor activities
  • Opportunity for new construction homes
  • No provincial tax on goods and services
  • Local golf courses
  • Paddleboarding on the Bow River
  • Two national parks just minutes away
  • Just over an
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Moving to Cochrane, AB Living Guide

Nestled amidst the picturesque foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the city of Cochrane beckons those searching for a harmonious blend of modern living and natural beauty—whether a homebuyer moving to Alberta or a big-city resident looking for a suburban reprieve. With its historical roots, diverse amenities, and proximity to Calgary, this charming town offers an inviting escape for those wishing to experience a unique Canadian lifestyle. Whether drawn by its scenic vistas or the promise of a tight-knit community, the journey to Cochrane promises myriad opportunities.

10 Reasons to Move to Cochrane

  • 20 minutes from Calgary
  • Fast-growing community
  • Historic Downtown area
  • Lots of retail shopping
  • Many annual events
  • Plenty of school
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Cochrane Best Neighbourhoods

Cochrane, Alberta, is a great place to live, with many wonderful neighbourhoods to choose from. Whether you're looking for a more expensive neighbourhood with luxury amenities or a more affordable neighbourhood that suits a tighter budget, the city of Cochrane has something for everyone.

Get ready to explore the best neighbourhoods in Cochrane!

Best Neighbourhoods in Cochrane


Fireside is a charming community offering a variety of new homes, numerous recreational options, and conveniently located amenities. The Fireside community is set amidst the Rocky Mountain landscape and the Bow River Valley, flawlessly blending beauty and character.

Detached homes, duplexes, and townhouses are available among the homes for sale in Fireside,

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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Cochrane

Take a journey through the rolling hills of the city of Cochrane and explore the hidden gems of its nature trails. Picture yourself as a pioneer, discovering the historic Cochrane Ranche or winding your way along the riverfront. Stroll through the tranquil Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and Big Hill Springs, or let the peacefulness of the Bighill Creek Trail envelop you. How about a leisurely walk around the Mitford Park Loop? Grab your athletic shoes—the best trails in Cochrane await.

Bighill Creek Trail

Take a peaceful stroll along Bighill Creek and enjoy the forests, clearings, and a chance of spotting moose. This five-kilometre out-and-back trail is considered easy and usually takes about an hour and a half to complete. It's perfect for a

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Best Parks in Cochrane

Take a walk in the park, stroll in the sun, and explore the natural beauty of Cochrane, Alberta. From Riverfront Park to Mitford Park, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park to Matt Krol Park, and Sunset Ridge Playground, the town of Cochrane has great green spaces for you to enjoy. So grab your hat, camera, and favourite walking shoes, and be ready for an adventure in the best parks in Cochrane.

Riverfront Park

With its natural playgrounds, boat area, extensive network of pathways, disc golf course, and off-leash dog park, Cochrane's Riverfront Park is a nature-lover's paradise just south of the Glenbow neighbourhood. Kids can explore the wooden slides and log climbing structures for hours. Parents can relax or have a picnic while their kids play. The

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What to Expect During Home ClosingThe home closing process, a pivotal part of the home buying or selling journey, involves the transfer of property ownership from seller to buyer. It involves intricate steps, each with its own legal and financial implications. From initial agreements to closing costs to the final handshake, understanding this procedure can be daunting yet crucial. A thorough grasp of the intricacies can save individuals time, money, and unwarranted stress, ensuring a seamless transition to their new abode.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Is a Home Closing?

After going through inspections, negotiations, and all the legal and administrative motions

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Schools in Cochrane AB

Whether you're a parent moving to Cochrane and scouting out the best learning environment for your child or a student curious about colleges near home, the schools in Cochrane have plenty of options to explore. Discover which school districts Cochrane schools are located in, what charter and private schools are near the town of Cochrane, and which universities are less than an hour away.

Public School Districts Serving Cochrane

Several public school districts serve the Cochrane community, which consists of elementary, middle, and high schools falling under the Rocky View Schools, Calgary Catholic Schools, and Conseil Scolaire FrancoSud Districts.

Cochrane Schools in the Rocky View School District

  • Fireside School (K–8)
  • Glenbow
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Things to Do in Chestermere Lake

Located in the city of Chestermere a mere 20 kilometres east of Downtown Calgary, Chestermere Lake is a treasure trove of recreational opportunities. This sparkling water body is not just a scenic backdrop to the town of Chestermere but a hub of activities, drawing residents, homebuyers moving to Chestermere or Calgary, and visitors to its shores. From its serene shores to its vast expanse, the lake promises myriad ways to embrace fun, adventure, and relaxation.

Go Boating on Chestermere Lake

Boating on Chestermere Lake is a great way to have fun. Whether you're powering across the lake in a motorized boat or drifting along in a canoe, there's something for everyone. Motorized boats are available to rent from Chestermere Landing Marina—located in

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Rec Centers & Fitness in Chestermere

Nestled amidst Alberta's picturesque landscapes just 20 kilometres east of Downtown Calgary, Chestermere stands as a testament to balanced living. For those who call it home, it's not just about finding a place to rest one's head, but also discovering avenues to rejuvenate the body and spirit. And what better way to achieve this equilibrium than embracing fitness? In the city of Chestermere, opportunities to engage in active pursuits are as diverse as they are abundant.

Chestermere Bike Park

The Chestermere Bike Park is a large outdoor park for racing, BMX cycling, and practicing mountain biking skills. There is a seating area near the entrance for those who want to sit and watch the cycling action.  

The park’s northside includes downhill

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Moving to Chestermere, AB Living Guide

Chestermere has a growing reputation as a hidden gem in the vast Albertan landscape. Nestled beside a glistening lake less than 20 kilometres from Downtown Calgary, Chestermere has long been an oasis for those seeking the perfect balance between the serenity of nature and urban conveniences. As more homebuyers discover its allure, a surge in interest in its real estate market has made Chestermere one of the fastest-growing communities in the province. Whether attracted by its recreational offerings or its status as one of Calgary’s suburbs with the lowest property taxes, the rapidly growing population indicates that Chestermere is a desirable location for new beginnings.

8 Reasons to Move to Chestermere

  • Lake Chestermere activities
  • Endless
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