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How To Avoid Red Flags When Buying a HomeBuying a home can be a fun and exciting time. However, searching for homes for the first time can be overwhelming. Many people get caught up in features like number of bedrooms, the beauty of the garden, the newness of the kitchen and the condition of the appliances. Often North Calgary new home buyers fail to notice red flags because they can be subtle and easy to dismiss. For home buyers who want to avoid buying a home that may need a lot of work or maintenance, knowing what to look for is important.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Poor Maintenance

A homeowner who neglects small things that break around the house may be neglecting

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Selling Home Mistakes Selling a home may seem like a simple process. You clean it up, show it to a few people and one of them buys it. The trouble is that the process is actually much more complicated, with legal and practical considerations you may not know much about. Sometimes, sellers make simple mistakes that could cost them big, even after the sale is complete.

When thinking about how to sell your home, avoid these common home selling mistakes.

Setting the Listing Price on Subjective Terms

Some homeowners think that the most objective term to use for the price is the amount they paid for the property, plus the cost of improvements, in addition to the real estate agent's fees. That list pricing rationale is not objective from a buyer's perspective - and

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Common Signs of Foundation ProblemsAre you seeing small cracks begin to form over windows or doors? Your home's foundation may need some attention. Canadian homeowners who want to protect the equity in their homes need to find out more about signs of foundation damage.

Avoid a costly repair down the road when choosing to address early signs of foundation damage. Learn more about signs of foundation damage, types of foundation cracks and other common questions today.

What Are Some Initial Signs of Foundation Damage?

A cracked wall may not be an indication of serious foundation damage as some older homes will experience unevenness and settle over time. However, there are some obvious signs of foundation damage and an experienced structural engineer can provide more

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3 Common Myths of the Millennial HomebuyerWhen will we stop believing some of the common myths being attributed to the home buying behavior of Millennials? It's easy to work with Millennial buyers when understanding their specific needs and that they often want what other groups of homebuyers desire, such as convenient methods of communication and to easily get information on a property.

What are the Millennial Myths? Learn the truth about what Millennials want when it comes to home buying today.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Myth #1: Millennials Have No Desire to Buy

Some may still believe that Millennials want to rent and are not interested in buying. However, survey

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Repairing Pet HomeSome pets can do serious damage to homes where they live. If you're a home buyer trying to purchase a property that has sustained damage from live-in pets, knowing what kind of home maintenance projects to expect can help you prepare to make repairs.

Give the Flooring Some Care

Pets can damage floors in a variety of ways. Pets with claws may scratch floor boards, while young pets may have accidents or chew up carpeting. Sometimes this damage is visible, other times it is hidden from view. For example, removing the carpeting may reveal hardwood floors that have been stained.

In a home with carpeting, the carpet may need to be replaced to get rid of pet smells and pet dander. Home buyers hoping to avoid the expense of replacing the carpet

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High ROI Bathroom Remodeling IdeasBathroom renovation is an excellent way for a homeowner to boost the sale price of their home. However, not all renovations are created equal. Homeowners who want to get the best ROI must plan their remodel wisely. Buying economical fixtures can help, as can purchasing fixtures that specifically interest home buyers.

Install Low-Flow Fixtures

Protecting the environment is of major importance to many homeowners, as is saving money. Low-flow fixtures do both at the same time. The standard low-flow toilets use 4.8 litres per flush. This represents significant water savings compared to the old toilets, which used about 6 litres per flush.

Low flow fixtures are just one of the many eco-friendly materials available to homeowners. Other

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How Solar Panels Help Sell HomesWhen people begin to prepare their home for sale, they often start by making property improvements in hopes of enticing buyers. One of the many improvements that some people consider when they're trying to sell their home is installation of solar panels. If you're a homeowner thinking about selling your property in the next few months and you'd like to install solar panels, it's important to know whether or not this is a valuable addition to your property and what you can do to maximize the ROI from the installation.

The Value Of Solar Panels

Solar panels can vary in their value, depending on the positioning of the house, the amount of shade on the property and the amount of energy the household consumes. In general, it is believed that solar

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Credit Scores and Getting a MortgageA person's credit history is a complicated record of their experience with debt. When people try to buy a home, they often use their credit report and score to qualify for a mortgage to pay for the sale. With these tips, potential borrowers will understand how credit reports and scores affect the home buying process.

Credit Report vs Credit Score

Although lenders usually look at a person's detailed credit history as well as their credit scores, there is a practical reason to understand the difference. A credit report is a listing of a person's current and recent debts and payments to various creditors. Credit reports may also contain information about unpaid accounts that went to collections, or other uncommon forms of debt. The credit score

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Hockey Locations CalgaryIt's Canada's game. From late nights under the lights at the outdoor rink to our very own Calgary Flames, we love hockey. When families are house-hunting in Calgary, knowing where the local rink is and knowing how to connect with minor hockey associations can be just as important as how many square feet a potential home might have. Not to mention where to dry out equipment and store the hockey bag during the off-season.

Here are some great Calgary communities for your consideration.

Outdoor Rinks

With our Calgary chinooks, keeping good outdoor ice can be tough. Generally outdoor rinks are constructed and maintained by the local community association. Flooding can occur as soon as temperatures are consistently hovering below freezing

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Home Staging to Sell Any real estate professional will tell you that how you stage your home makes a difference in the home selling process and how potential buyers envision themselves as the future homeowners. Spaces that are inviting, neutral, and inviting lure buyers to your doorstep and give you the advantage as they make the rounds of open houses and showings.

Most real estate agents agree, that staging a home positively affects a buyer's perception of the property.  They also report that a properly staged home can increase a buyer's offer, and in general, increase buyer interest.

What can you do to stage your home in such a way that gives you an advantage over others? Not every homeowner knows where to start when it comes to how to stage a house to sell,

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