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Calgary Neighbourhoods With Outdoor Skating Rinks

Calgary comes to life with fun things to do during the winter! With its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and WinSport, the local winter sports arena, many of Calgary's best outdoor activities don't start until the temperatures drop. Among the area's many cold-weather amenities, skating rinks is one of the most highly sought-after. Not only is hockey one of the country's favourite sports, but ice skating is also one of Calgary's most popular winter activities. As a result, many of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary offer outdoor skating rinks. Strap on your skates and get ready for some winter fun!

Bridgeland: 9a Park Bridgeland Rink

Nestled on the northern banks of the Bow River, Bridgeland is home to some of the area's best nature trails, bike

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Must-Have Amenities for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Owning a luxury waterfront home is about much more than enjoying the views of an inlet or lake—although that reason is essential. Living in a waterfront home is also about expressing a particular lifestyle. There are several ways to make the most of living on a river, from making additions to the home to ensuring that the riverfront property you buy is surrounded by amenities that you'll love.

Adapt Your Home to Your Lifestyle

When thinking about what to add to a luxury waterfront home, it is important to consider your lifestyle. While some additions might increase the value of the home, you're the one currently living in it—don't spend money making any changes that you won't enjoy yourself. For example, if you enjoy kayaking, you'll need

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What it's Like to Live in South Calgary

Located just 5.5 kilometres from Downtown Calgary, the South Calgary community is a residential area offering its residents many amenities. With easy access to Crowchild Trail SW, South Calgary is also an ideal neighbourhood for those commuting to the downtown area. Just a few of the reasons to love living in South Calgary include job opportunities, a mix of hiking and biking trails, and numerous shops and restaurants.

South Calgary Lifestyle

South Calgary is a vibrant, dynamic area with much to offer its residents, including several recreational facilities and parks. There are plenty of opportunities to stay active and engaged, from outdoor pools and sports centres to beautiful city parks. South Calgary also has employment opportunities in

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Outdoor Design Tips for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Those looking to invest in a home for rental purposes or long-term occupancy typically have a vision in place. Some may be seeking endless recreational activities on lakes and beaches, while others want to enjoy peace along a stream or reservoir. Regardless of the location, waterfront homes are highly desired in the real estate market. Make the most of all opportunities to transition a vision into a daily reality by using the following design tips to meld the indoors with the outdoors.

Begin With Beautiful Waterfront Property Landscaping

Any well-thought-out luxury waterfront property maximizes views and catches the interest and adoration of passersby with a balance of hardscaping and soft landscaping installations. Of course, how owners and

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What Do You Own When You Buy a Condo?

Often boasting fantastic views and luxury amenities, condos for sale make excellent investments for first-time buyers and seasoned investors alike. But buying a condo isn't like buying a home—condo owners don't own everything around their unit, and there are additional laws for unit owners to familiarize themselves with.

There are specific differences in definitions and terms that buyers need to know in order to understand the extent of their investment. Condos can be better investments than detached homes, but the legalities of condominium ownership are very different. It pays to investigate what those differences are upfront so that you are aware of the legal requirements and financial obligations that apply to each type of housing. Keep reading

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Features of Penthouse Condos

If in the market for a lavish lifestyle, investing in a penthouse might tick off all the boxes. But what is a penthouse? Aside from amazing views, many penthouse apartments have top-notch amenities and features, which should be a primary consideration to achieve the lifestyle you seek. When considering a penthouse, it's helpful to know what to expect – especially since no two penthouses are the same. Keep reading to learn about the common features of a penthouse apartment.

Top-Floor Unit Means the Best Views

Homebuyers with incredible views as a primary feature on their wish lists will find there's no better option than a penthouse. A penthouse's design typically maximizes views over their cities, skylines, beaches, mountains, landmarks, or other

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Styling Ideas for Your Calgary Bungalow

The variety of home styles available to homebuyers is vast, ranging from modern masterpieces to Tudor revivals, but bungalow homes are among the most unique and popular styles on the market today.

Common characteristics of bungalow style architecture include their one-storey height, compact size, broad front porches, distinctive roofs, and open living areas with high ceilings. Many different homeowners enjoy the coziness and comfort found in bungalow-style houses, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of the bungalow.

Decorating a bungalow to meet your tastes often involves embracing the distinctive features of the bungalow architecture and working to make your decor and house layout work together. Keep reading to find out how to decorate and style

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What it's Like to Live in East Calgary

Founded in 1916, the East Calgary area was originally a village in Alberta. It held that designation for three years until it became part of the City of Calgary in 1919. Today, East Calgary is a residential district encompassing many neighbourhoods. Located east of the Bow River, the district's natural boundaries are east of Deerfoot Trail, north of Glenmore Trail SE, and south of Memorial Drive NE. With a mix of residential communities, industrial areas, and large commercial spaces, East Calgary is an eclectic area quickly gaining popularity. Still on the fence about moving to East Calgary? Read on to learn more about all the best reasons to love life in East Calgary.

The East Calgary Lifestyle

Once a village, East Calgary, a conglomerate of

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What it's Like to Live in Northwest Calgary

As the country's third-largest city, Calgary has recently experienced a renaissance, thanks to a significant economic boom. In addition to Calgary's solid local economy, it has a stunning, natural beauty with rolling prairie hills, luscious green spaces, and stunning vista views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Northwest Calgary is located around 15 kilometres away from Downtown Calgary, and is an incredibly desirable area in its own right due to its residential suburbs and stunning parks. Keep reading to learn more about life in Northwest Calgary and why so many residents are paying attention to this growing area.

Northwest Calgary Lifestyle

Northwest Calgary, a conglomerate of over sixty different communities, is one of the largest districts

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What it's Like to Live in Northeast Calgary

As one of the largest cities in western Canada, Calgary is steadily becoming one of the country's fastest-growing cities. With its rugged, natural beauty, ample employment opportunities, booming local economy, and high quality of living, it's easy to see why so many people are relocating to the area.

Northeast Calgary in particular offers many of the city's greatest amenities: museums, zoos, golf courses, upscale shopping, and more. Located east of the famous Nose Hill Park, Northeast Calgary is a naturally beautiful district with hills and prairie landscapes, coupled with the area's well-kept green spaces. Read on to learn more about living in Northeast Calgary and why this area is worth considering if you're moving to Calgary.

The Northeast

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