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August 2018

Found 11 blog entries for August 2018.

Home for Expanding Household Buying a home for a family can be a challenge. To meet the needs of a growing, changing family, a home must be flexible in its layout, large enough for many generations, and safe for everyone from children to older adults. 

Home Amenities That Benefit Families With Children

Open Floor Plan

In a typical open floor plan, public spaces like the living room, dining room and kitchen are open and connected, with few or no walls in between. For parents of small children, there are many advantages to open floor plans. Adults at work in the kitchen can oversee children playing in the living room, dining room and beyond. In addition, open floor plans allow families to spend time together as they work on separate activities in separate spaces. For

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Landscaping for Maximum Curb AppealIf you are planning to put your North Calgary home on the market soon, chances are good that you are already immersed in a flurry of painting, de-cluttering, and deep cleaning tasks to make sure that prospective buyers will find it both attractive and welcoming.

While doing this type of interior preparation is a very important part of getting buyers to want to purchase the home, sellers must also realize the importance of making sure that their home appeals to buyers when viewed from the curb, as well.

After all, getting prospective buyers to look inside the home begins by making sure they find the outside attractive enough to want to see the inside.

Start at the Curb

Today's families live busy lives, making it easy to overlook

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Installing Home Smart TechnologyHome technology is a modern amenity. Time, energy and labour-saving devices are becoming mainstream, in the office, at home and in the automobile. It's impossible to escape it—and why would anyone want to?

Smart technology has changed, and will continue to alter the way Canadians look at the world, and the way we live in our homes.

There is a difference between home automation and smart home features, however. In a sense, it is one of degree: Home automation is one aspect of smart home technology. It is the modern smart home that has become the model for the future. Smart home technology allows integration of a host of features from a single, centrally located wireless hub. It keeps the homeowner in control, whether from the next room or

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The Ultimate Home Interior Room-by-Room Lighting GuideGiving family members the ability to move throughout the home safely and enjoy every space to its fullest is important, and lighting is a key aspect of achieving these goals. Choosing the best lights and the strategic placement of each element helps set the comfort level and ambiance of your abode. Furthermore, energy-efficient lighting can dramatically reduce associated costs, especially when savvy owners follow this room-by-room lighting guide.

Illuminating Foyers and Hallways

You can often get by with minimal lighting in these areas when they aren't in use. Experts recommend recessed lighting or drop lamps with dimming features in high-ceiling foyers. Multi-option side lanterns with compact fluorescence lights amid dark hallways and

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Removing Clutter of Kids' Toys When you get your home ready for sale, you do not want to have a single carpet fiber out of place or any scuffs on the walls. If you have kids, trying to convince them to keep the place tidy is another matter entirely. Luckily, there are some ways to go about selling a home with kids without going crazy or scaring away potential home buyers.

How to Streamline the Home Selling Process With Kids

Using these six tips, you can get your home in order and earn your family’s cooperation to sell your home faster.

Focus on De-cluttering and Cleaning

Some people like to do some last-minute home improvements before they get a home ready for sale. However, this is typically more practical for families who do not have small children. Be very

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How to Determine if a Condo is Right For YouCondominiums offer many benefits to buyers looking to move out of a rental and into property ownership. Condo living is ideal for anyone downsizing or looking for a property with minimal maintenance. For people asking themselves, “What is a condo?”, a condominium or "condo" actually refers to a specific type of legal ownership versus a style of construction, states the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Potential condo buyers can find condominiums in low-rise residential buildings as well as stacked townhouses, townhouse/rowhouse complexes, and both duplexes and triplexes.

Approximately one million Canadian households own a condominium. The popularity of this type of home continues to increase due to various benefits a condo offers

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What to Consider Before Beginning a Home AdditionAn addition to a home is an exciting way to improve the resale value and potentially the quality of life for everyone inside. Whether it's a sunroom, a second bathroom, or a full second story, homeowners have so many options from which to choose. However, there are also a few important things to note before calling a remodeling crew. For a better idea of how to navigate a new home addition, keep the following in mind before moving forward.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Hard Truth

Not all homes need an addition, but homeowners may ignore this because they're caught up in the fun of remodeling. Homeowners may be able to satisfy

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Selling Rural Property Selling a home in a rural area can be a challenge. Rural areas typically attract fewer potential buyers than urban or suburban homes, so finding the right buyer for your rural property may take finesse. With some planning and a little creative thinking, you can bring more people who are interested in buying a rural home and potentially speed up the process of selling a home in the country.

Make Your Home Easy to Locate

Rural routes are not always well marked, and the streets are not always named. Buyers who cannot find your home may give up or get lost on the way to your property. Making it easier to find your home will remove some of the burden from potential buyers.

  • Mark Roads Clearly: Put up signs on roads that lack clear signage.
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Symptoms of a Housing BubbleUttering the words "housing bubble" is enough to make any real estate agent or interested real estate investor shudder. It conjures up images of the great real estate bubble burst of the new Millennium, which ushered in the Great Recession and brought along with it one of the worst housing markets in history.

Fortunately, most housing bubbles are not this drastic and these real estate phenomenon is actually more common than most people think. These are the common signs and symptoms that are associated with a housing bubble.

Cost of Living Increases Faster than Wages

Inflation is often a warning sign of many economic conditions, including a housing bubble. When the cost of living rises faster than wages, people are often forced to rely on

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Tips for Creating Your Own Moving TimelineHaving the the right professionals on board to handle a home sale is important, but home buyers and sellers are usually the ones who need to handle the actual move from one home to another. And one way to make a move less stressful is the use of a preplanned moving timeline. Moving timelines help buyers and sellers stay on top of the many necessary details for a successful transition. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to feel accomplished when they meet their milestones. For a better idea of where to begin, here are a few underlying rules to keep in mind when constructing your own timeline.

Eight Weeks Before...

Home buyers and sellers need to purge their homes of everything they don't want to take to their new home after the sale closes. This

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