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What to Know About a Penthouse Apartment: Penthouse Living

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, July 11th, 2022 at 1:10pm.

Features of Penthouse Condos

If in the market for a lavish lifestyle, investing in a penthouse might tick off all the boxes. But what is a penthouse? Aside from amazing views, many penthouse apartments have top-notch amenities and features, which should be a primary consideration to achieve the lifestyle you seek. When considering a penthouse, it's helpful to know what to expect – especially since no two penthouses are the same. Keep reading to learn about the common features of a penthouse apartment.

Top-Floor Unit Means the Best Views

Homebuyers with incredible views as a primary feature on their wish lists will find there's no better option than a penthouse. A penthouse's design typically maximizes views over their cities, skylines, beaches, mountains, landmarks, or other desirable landscapes. Often, penthouses offer unobstructed views. Imagine waking up to a gorgeous, fully viewed sunrise or finishing the day with a beautiful sunset those experiences can't be beaten.

Penthouses usually have higher ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and even glass walls with sliding doors. Living in a penthouse is different from living in a lower-floor unit because of the natural light that flows in, making living spaces feel larger, airier, and overall offers an elegant living experience.

Expect Outdoor Access

Living in a penthouse apartment means unit owners can expect outdoor access, unlike other units. Rooftop terraces are usually one of the most highly sought features, which offer private outdoor space access.

With penthouse units, buyers typically enjoy larger amounts of oversized outdoor terrace space, enough for relaxing after a hard day's work, al fresco dining, or weekend entertaining. Some units may even have more than one outdoor terrace – such as off the bedroom(s) – which means even more private outdoor space. In colder regions, outdoor penthouse terraces can be augmented with heat lamps to make even those chilly evenings enjoyable.

The Ultimate in High-End and Luxury Amenities

Penthouses are often the crowning jewel of the condo building and may offer custom layouts on top of the expected luxury amenities like appliances, finishes, and other fine touches. Standard high-end penthouse features include fireplaces, skylights, gourmet kitchens, dens, Jacuzzi tubs, stainless steel appliances, and walk-in showers, complementing an owner's possessions and style.

Smart technology is also likely to be integrated throughout the unit and found in appliances, lighting, automated blinds, thermometres, home entertainment sound systems, and security features. Storage space, such as walk-in closets and built-in bookcases, are likely to be more prominent, along with numerous other luxurious features not found in non-penthouse units.

There's a Lot More Space at the Top

Penthouse units feature more living space than other units found in the same building. Depending upon the building's floor plan, the unit may offer additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or other flexible rooms for offices, dens, family rooms, or home gyms.

With vaulted ceilings and bigger windows in penthouses also comes additional square footage. By design, penthouse units offer a lot more space at the top than the lower situated counterparts found in the building. Because they are located at the top and can be designed differently, architects can create more unique layouts for the top units of a tall building. It's even common for penthouses to have two-level arrangements because it's easier to create a different design to offer additional space.

Direct Elevator Access

One of the best features penthouse residents typically love is direct, private elevator access because there is a high probability that owners are the only residents on the floor. Direct elevator access means less waiting when trying to leave the unit during busy times of the day. The convenience offered by direct elevators can't be matched. Direct elevator access also equates to stronger security, as penthouse units traditionally come with a unique key or code to reach the top floor.

How Much Does a Penthouse Cost?

Just like any home, the price of a penthouse varies on several factors. As mentioned above, penthouses typically have the best views, highest ceilings, and largest outdoor spaces of any units in a building, making them among the most desirable units. As a result, they command premium prices, so overall, penthouses are more expensive than normal condo units.

But there's even a variance within penthouses; the exact price depends on the location of the apartment building and the specific features of the unit. Condos right in the heart of the action of a city's downtown tend to be pricier, and modern luxury penthouses or any unit with more amenities and luxury features will be even more.

Learn More About a Penthouse Lifestyle Today

A penthouse apartment offers many features home seekers won't find in other housing options. While historically, penthouses meant the top floor, today's definition of what constitutes a penthouse has expanded. It's essential to ask some questions before buying a penthouse to avoid surprises. Penthouses may not be on the top floor per se, but they offer features other units don't possess.


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