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October 2022

Found 12 blog entries for October 2022.

University of Calgary Best Neighbourhoods

The University of Calgary is one of the most well-known universities in Canada. Its picturesque campus is located in Northwest Calgary, between 24 Avenue and 32 Avenue, and the nearby communities are known as some of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. Living near the university provides convenient amenities and short commutes throughout the city. Whether you're looking for an investment property or a primary residence, the neighbourhoods near the University of Calgary are likely to have exactly what you need.


Located just a three-minute drive from the University of Calgary, Varsity is one of Northwest Calgary's most desirable neighbourhoods. It offers convenient access to shops, parks, and Calgary schools. Also known as Varsity Village,

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Tips for Basement Suites

Homes with basements give owners opportunities to have extra space to offer as rentals. Investing in a home with a basement suite allows owners to earn passive income and offset mortgage payments, providing increased equity as the home appreciates. Basement apartments can be lucrative, but they require unique steps from start to finish. Here's what you need to know about converting a basement into an apartment, accommodating local zoning laws, and finding tenants so you can profit off your basement suite.

What Is a Basement Suite?

Basement suites are separate units located on the lower levels of a home. This means that another individual can live there, essentially turning a single-family home into a multi-family home. Homes with basement suites

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How to Convert Your Basement into an Apartment

Converting a basement into an apartment with kitchen and bathroom facilities allows homeowners to earn extra income if they rent out the space. A home with a basement suite is also highly likely to increase the property's value, especially if the owner wants to sell one day. However, the proper permitting needs to occur before the conversion, and owners should be comfortable being a landlord, as they will be renting a portion of their home to a tenant. For anyone thinking about converting a basement into an apartment, here's how to do it.

Is It Legal to Convert Your Basement into an Apartment?

The answer to this question can vary from one municipality to another. In municipal areas where basement apartment conversions are allowed, there are

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Reasons to Buy a Condo Instead of a Single-Family Home

Where to live is not the only thing to think about when buying property. It's also essential to consider what type of property is best. A single-family home works well for many as it offers ample space and the flexibility to design and style it as the owner wishes. Yet, there are a few compelling reasons to consider condos for sale instead. Condos are located in a shared building, but they still allow for full ownership. Keep reading to learn four reasons to buy a condo instead of a single-family home.

Condos Are Great First Investments

Condos can be an exciting point of entry to the real estate world for first-time home buyers. They tend to have a lower purchase price than homes of the same size. That lower cost typically translates into a

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How to Make Your Multigenerational Home Accessible

While there are pros and cons to multigenerational homes, this living arrangement has become more commonplace in North America. Homeowners anticipating an aging loved one moving in or already have a senior aging in place with them will want to make their homes accessible for everyone.

These homes can be multi-family properties, but they can also be single-family homes. If you want to learn a few key ways to make a multigenerational home accessible, the following are some top home modifications to ensure a senior can live there while maintaining independence.

Make a Plan Before You Get Started

Homeowners will want to evaluate the specific needs of their aging loved ones to ensure they can live out their golden years in a safe environment. Is

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High Rise vs Low Rise Calgary Condos

With 1.2 million residents and counting, the city of Calgary is one of the most populous metro areas in all of Western Canada. When choosing to move to a large metro area like this, newcomers may grapple with whether to seek out a high-rise or low-rise condo to live in. This guide will explore the difference between high- and low-rise condos in Calgary, their pros and cons, and what one can find on the market in this bustling city.

What Makes a Condo High- or Low-Rise?

As the names imply, low-rise condos and high-rise condos are differentiated based on how tall their respective buildings are. The definitions can also vary based on what city or even country is being discussed. For example, down in the United States, a high-rise condo building is

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Types of Multigenerational Homes

With rising housing costs, a growing number of Canadians are choosing to live in multigenerational homes with children, parents, and grandparents all under one roof. Which type of home works best for this living arrangement? Logically, multi-family homes are viable options for multigenerational families, but they aren't the only options.

Every family is different and will have different needs in terms of privacy and comfort. There are also many advantages to multigenerational living, such as elderly parents being able to age in place and more caregivers available for raising the children. Here is a closer look at different types of multigenerational homes where Canadians make an extended family living situation work.


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How to Clean Your House For the Best StagingHave you been thinking of selling your home? The staging process is one of the most important steps, but it often gets overlooked. Keeping your home show-ready means ensuring your home looks its best so potential buyers can see themselves living there. That includes decluttering, deep cleaning, and arranging furniture to create an open and inviting space.

This blog post will give you a step-by-step guide on cleaning your home for the perfect showing. First-time sellers and experts alike can make great impressions on potential buyers by sticking to these six pre-staging cleaning tips.

Remove All Personal Items from the Home

The first step is to remove all personal items from home. This includes items such as family photos, collections, and

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What Sets Bungalows Apart From Other Architecture Styles?

When it comes to picking different house architecture styles, there is a plethora to choose from. Everybody has different criteria for their preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Bungalow-style homes are booming in popularity in Canada. A bungalow typically consists of a single-storey small house with a sloping roof and broad porch. These homes are full of practical arrangements and distinctive Bungalow details and designs that can match the needs of many different people. Keep reading to become an expert on the common characteristics of bungalow-style architecture.

Types of Bungalows

While it may seem like bungalows are just one type of home, there are actually many sub-types of bungalows that have different styles based on where the style

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Multigenerational Homes?

Living situations can be complex and are ever-changing: co-living culture has taken off in recent years, and the ability to rent rooms in the short term has grown with the internet. Multigenerational homes, however, represent a combination of the old and the new, providing a viable and comfortable living situation for people with different circumstances.

You've likely heard of a multi-family home, a free-standing building containing multiple units intended for different tenants — usually families. In other words, three different families may live in one multi-family home, each in a self-contained unit within the building. Meanwhile, multigenerational homes refer to a single residence or other building that houses multiple generations of adults, all

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