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What School Districts are in Calgary, AB?

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 at 8:09am.

Popular School Districts in Calgary, ABThere are a number of school districts in Calgary, AB, and much to the pleasure of residents with children, many of these institutions are rated above-average and are highly desirable for students. There are over 200 schools within the Calgary Board of Education with numerous public school districts, along with a number of French schools, private schools and charter schools. Here are some top districts and schools to consider.

Northwest Calgary Schools: Area I

Often called the Parkdale Centre, the rapidly growing Area I Calgary School District comprises 28 communities with student enrollment rising just over 17,000 annually. Due to its size, students will have opportunities to participate in both advanced placement and gifted programs, with courses available for English as a second language. Middle schools and high schools in the Northwest Calgary District are noted for having exceptional academic and athletic programs.

Central North Calgary Schools: Area II

Many call this district Mountain View Centre, and these schools serve 40 communities within Northeast and Northwest Calgary. Calgary School District Area II currently has around 22,000 students enrolled annually who hail from Bow River, Nose Hill Park, Evanston, Panorama Hills, Barlow Trail and the new communities of Kincora and Coventry Hills. This district is highly regarded for consistently having high student and parent satisfaction reviews.

Northeast Calgary Schools: Area III

Also known as the Forest Lawn High School District, Area III encompasses 23 Calgary communities in the Southeast and North East regions. The area attracts an array of new settlers, which has allowed it to become one of the city's most culturally diverse school districts. Residents seeking a strong ESL program and ample multi-cultural endeavours will find Area III to be ample, as they strive to meet the variable interests and needs of local students.

Southwest Calgary Schools: Area IV

Known as the Marlborough Centre, Area IV consists of 56 Calgary communities with around 16,000 students enrolled annually. Bound between the Bow River to the North and 16 Avenue NW, the Marlborough Centre region has well-rounded educational programs, gifted and talented courses and bi-lingual classes available.

Southwest and Southeast Calgary Schools: Area VI

Area VI Haysboro Centre falls within the most populous communities in Calgary; hence, the district boasts the highest student enrollment with just over 24,000 students yearly. Furthermore, Area VI is highly regarded for high testing scores and academic achievements, in addition to having a strong athletic program that results in many college-bound students and some going on to play collegiate and pro sports. Students and parents also rave about Area VI's exceptional ESL programs throughout all grade levels.

Charter, Private French and Catholic School Districts

The diversity of Calgary has fostered an array of schools suitable for most families, including numerous private schools, charter schools and Catholic-specific districts. The Calgary Catholic School District provides faith-based education and ESL classes for most subjects. Many private schools are partial or fully French-based, while several charter schools service students with special needs or within advanced academic programs.

Finding the right school district to meet your family's needs may take time, so be sure to start researching early. Consider talking to your real estate professional about the schools nearby your potential destination.

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