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Everything to Know About Moving to Calgary, Alberta

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, January 16th, 2020 at 6:27am.

Key Things to Know About Moving to Calgary, AlbertaCalgary, Alberta is a lovely place to visit and maybe even to live someday. When considering this location as home base, getting to know it first is the best course of action. With an understanding of just what this city has to offer, everyone can decide if it is the right place for them to reside. Here's a look at the key things to know about moving to Calgary.

Sunshine is Plentiful Year Round

Known as the sunniest city in Canada, Calgary is blessed with sunshine for about 333 days each year. This equates to over 2,396 hours of bright, sunny skies that make enjoying outdoor adventures more rewarding than ever. The clouds do roll in on occasion, however, bringing 16.5 inches of rain every year.

Rapid Temp Changes are the Norm

Although it is sunny more often than not, temperatures drop into the freezing range on the regular. And it can happen faster than anyone might believe. Within a 24-hour stretch, temps can change from -20 degrees Celsius to a relatively warm 15 degrees. This rapid temp change occurs quite regularly in the winter, as the Chinook winds bring warmth to the region in an instant.

Cleanliness is a Top Priority for the City

In a ranking report by the Conference Board of Canada, Calgary was found to be one of the cleanest, healthiest cities in the country. Despite having a population of over one million people, the city has earned an A grade for its dedication to clean practices. From effective recycling programs to clean energy generation, this city boasts an amazing array of beneficial technologies that make it a great place to live.

Winter Travels Require Lots of Prep Time

With average temperatures in the negatives all winter long, travel requires plenty of prep time to ensure everyone arrives safely. Cars need to be warmed up and windscreens scraped clean (sometimes, several times over), for example, keeping problems at bay. Otherwise, poor visibility and mechanical problems could disrupt the trip. So, plan to work an extra 20 minutes at least into every winter morning to prepare the vehicle for the road ahead.

Reasonable Public Transportation Exists

For those who would prefer to go without a personal vehicle, living in Calgary provides ample access to reasonable public transportation options. The transit system offers buses, shuttle buses, and trains galore, including the popular C-train. This train allows people to ride fare-free along 7th Avenue in downtown Calgary and operates on the honor system otherwise. Most neighborhoods are highly walkable as well, giving people an alternative to powered vehicles. In addition, plans to build an effective light rail transit system, dubbed the Green Line, are in the works. This train line should be fully constructed and operational by 2026, making it even easier to get around town in a jiffy.

The Sales Tax Rate is Quite Low

Unlike other locations in Canada, Calgary does not have a provincial sales tax. So, instead of adding in that tax, retailers only have to charge the federal goods and services tax. This tax adds just five percent to the price of the item, reducing what people have to spend on all sorts of items. Nearby cities, however, have tax rates as high as 15 percent, causing many people nearby to travel to Calgary to do their shopping.

With an understanding of what this city is all about, a Calgary move can become much more approachable. So, consider all the above factors to make the best decision on whether to move there. Only then will it be possible to see if this area will prove beneficial for the household, now and in the future.

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