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6 Best Walking, Hiking, & Biking Trails Near Strathmore, AB

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 at 2:41pm.

Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Strathmore

Located just outside of Calgary, Strathmore emerges not just as a beacon of serene living but also as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to blend the tranquillity of rural charm with the vibrancy of active living. The town's commitment to fostering a high quality of life is nowhere more evident than its plethora of walking, jogging, and hiking trails that meander through town. These well-maintained paths serve as the community's arteries, connecting residents with nature and as a testament to Strathmore's dedication to promoting health, wellness, and a deep-seated connection to the natural world. For potential homeowners and real estate investors alike, these outdoor amenities significantly enhance the allure of real estate in Strathmore and contribute to the experience of living there.

Gray's Park

Gray's Park offers a tranquil two-kilometre loop perfect for leisurely walks and nature observation. This path provides a serene 36-minute stroll through the beauty of Gray Park, catering to various activities such as bird watching, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. The trail, starting from a parking lot off Wheatland Trail Road, meanders around the green expanse of Gray's Park in a clockwise direction. The year-round attraction welcomes dogs, with designated off-leash areas for furry companions.

Collaboratively developed with Ducks Unlimited, Gray's Park is a wetland green space that boasts a dirt and gravel pathway encircling the lake. This area transforms into a popular skating and hockey spot during the winter months. The park prioritizes preserving local ecosystems, prohibiting activities like swimming, canoeing, and fishing in the pond to maintain its status as a sanctuary for migratory birds, including swan families that visit each spring.

Compared to the bustling Kinsmen Park, Gray's Park offers a quieter and more wildlife-rich experience. However, visitors should note the limited amenities, such as the absence of a Splash Park or playground and the sparse tree cover, which may impact shade availability on sunny days. Despite these considerations, Gray's Park remains a hidden gem for those seeking a peaceful nature retreat.

Kinsmen Park

The Trail at Kinsmen Park is One of Strathmore's Best

Kinsmen Park stands out as the neighbourhood's largest and most beloved outdoor green space, offering a wide array of things to do with kids in Strathmore.

Celebrated for its vast offerings, Kinsmen Park features a large pond surrounded by a peaceful walking track, a Splash Park operational during the summer months, and a range of free community events such as concerts and Canada Day celebrations in the amphitheatre. The park caters to all age groups, providing amenities like free fishing for specific age brackets, a playground, outdoor ice skating in winter, ample parking, picnic benches, gazebos, and washroom facilities.

The park's highlight, the Kinsmen Park Trail, spans approximately 2.6 kilometres and offers a tranquil setting for activities like birding, hiking, and mountain biking. The trail takes around 41 minutes to complete and is popular from April to October. Leashed dogs are welcome to join their owners for a walk. The trail through Kinsmen and Walterdale Parks showcases historical sites at the John Walter Museum. The trail's diverse landscapes range from urban amenities near the Edmonton Huskies Football Club to wooded areas with intersecting trails leading to the High Level Bridge, culminating in picturesque overlooks near an 18-hole golf course before returning to the vibrant heart of Kinsmen Park.

Strathmore Canals Pathways

Strathmore's commitment to enhancing its community pathways is evident through the development of the Strathmore Canals Pathways. The Strathmore Commons project aims to expand the town's pathway network, facilitating active transportation and improving connectivity to downtown Strathmore. Nearly 90% of survey respondents in 2019 utilized the community pathways and trails, showcasing their popularity and importance to residents. By enhancing the linkage between Gray's Park and Kinsmen Park with new pathways, Strathmore is supporting recreational activities and emphasizing the pathways' utility for daily commutes to essential destinations like shops, libraries, and schools.

The 20.5-kilometre loop trail throughout Strathmore offers outdoor enthusiasts a challenging yet rewarding experience. This trail, suitable for running, walking, and bird watching, winds through picturesque backcountry areas, past golf courses, and through town, including the scenic canal trail pathways. Along the way, encountering wildlife such as foxes, skunks, and deer adds to the trail's allure. Strathmore's focus on connectivity within its pathway system has been highlighted by milestones like installing three bridges across town canals, enhancing accessibility, and promoting healthier lifestyles through active transportation.

Sobey's Walking Track - Motor Products Sports Arena

The Strathmore indoor track at the Motor Products Sports Arena offers a versatile and comprehensive facility for various indoor sports activities. Situated on the east side of town, this arena has an elevated 5-lane running and walking track covering one kilometre, meaning you can still get a stroll or jog in when the weather is bad. The arena also features an artificial turf field designed for indoor soccer, specifically supporting 5-v-5 soccer on a futsal turf surface. The arena caters to various sporting needs with four change rooms, shower facilities, washrooms, and two gymnasium playing surfaces.

Offering drop-in activities like basketball, volleyball, soccer, pickleball, floor hockey, badminton, and more, the arena ensures something for everyone. Rates are categorized to accommodate individuals and families of all sizes and ages, ranging from free for tots aged 0-2 years to $8.00 for adults aged 18-64, with a family rate of $20.00. Reduced rates for the Sobey's Walking Track:

  • Ages 18-64: $2.50
  • 65+: $2
  • Ages 8-17: $2
  • Ages 3-7years: $1.25
  • Ages 0-2years: Free
  • Person with Disability: $2
  • Family Rate: $6.25
  • Anyone Aiding Person with Disability: Free

Memberships are available for extended access and benefits, providing a comprehensive solution for community fitness and recreational needs. The Motor Products Sports Arena is a hub for sports enthusiasts in Strathmore, promoting an active and engaging lifestyle.

Eagle Lake Trail

Eagle Lake Trail is a Popular Strathmore Trail

Located southeast of Strathmore, the Eagle Lake Trail offers visitors a serene and picturesque experience with minimal traffic, particularly during summer. This five-kilometer flat, out-and-back route boasts a modest elevation gain of about 120 meters, making it accessible for hikers and cyclists alike. The trail leads from the parking area to the lake, surrounded by lush greenery, vibrant wildflowers, and opportunities to observe wildlife. Birdwatching and photography enthusiasts will find the trail particularly rewarding.

The Eagle Lake Trail provides a peaceful and undisturbed ambiance, as many opt to drive closer to the lake for scenic views, leaving the trail relatively quiet. It is an ideal retreat for those seeking tranquillity near a remote lake. The easy terrain and seasonal wildflower displays make this trail a popular choice for nature lovers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Visitors to the Eagle Lake Trail can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, enjoying a unique outdoor experience away from the urban landscape. Whether hiking, cycling, birdwatching, or capturing scenic views with a camera, this trail offers a refreshing opportunity to connect with the natural world and unwind peacefully.

Strathmore Lakes Estates Loop

Nestled within the serene surroundings of the Strathmore Lakes Estates neighbourhood, the Strathmore Lakes Estates Loop offers a tranquil 1.5-kilometre paved trail encircling the lake, providing a peaceful retreat for nature enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This delightful loop trail is perfect for a leisurely 21-minute stroll, birdwatching, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. The flat and easily accessible path ensures a calming escape with minimal encounters with others, catering to those seeking tranquillity in nature.

Open year-round, the trail showcases the area's beauty every season and is inclusive, welcoming wheelchair and stroller users. Leashed dogs are also allowed, enhancing the experience for pet owners. A playground along the route further complements the family-friendly atmosphere.

Residents and visitors of Strathmore Lakes Estates appreciate the array of outdoor activities available, from lakeside walks to exploring nearby parks and green spaces. Additionally, the proximity to a golf course appeals to golf enthusiasts, adding to the community's allure for those who value an active outdoor lifestyle.

The Strathmore Lakes Estates Loop encapsulates the essence of a peaceful and nature-filled retreat within one of the best neighbourhoods in Strathmore.

Find Your Favourite Trails in Strathmore

Strathmore offers more than just homes; it presents a lifestyle enriched by the natural beauty and recreational opportunities its trails provide. These paths of wellness and exploration contribute significantly to the town's appeal, drawing families, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful yet active lifestyle to its welcoming community. The integration of walking, jogging, and hiking trails provides plenty of fun things to do and enhances the value of its real estate market. As people increasingly prioritize health, well-being, and a connection to nature in their living environments, Strathmore's commitment to outdoor amenities positions it as a highly desirable location to call home.

If you're thinking about moving to Strathmore, call Justin Havre with eXp Realty with Calgary Homes at (403) 217-0003 to reach a local real estate agent who can help you find your dream Strathmore home.

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