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Providing professional real estate services for people looking to buy and sell real estate in Calgary and surrounding areas. Proven marketing plan that sells properties. Call for your free home evaluation today and have your home listed tomorrow.

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Buying a Home in an Urban Area Buying a home in a big city can be very different from buying a home in a small town or a rural area. Parking, traffic and neighbourhood amenities can all impact a homeowner's experience in the area where they buy. Knowing what factors to consider can help you pick a property that will meet your needs and enhance your satisfaction with your home.

Visit the Neighbourhood Day and Night

Some neighbourhoods in big cities can change dramatically after the sun goes down. Prospective buyers spend time walking around their chosen neighbourhood after the sun goes down. If you don’t feel comfortable in the neighbourhood of your choice, keep looking until you find a place that’s right for you.

Drive the Commute

Big metro areas are known to have

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Smoker's Home For Sale In nearly all cases, having a smoker in the house will make it more difficult to sell. The smell of stale tobacco is difficult to remove and turns off non-smoking buyers. On top of this, there are even health concerns related to re-emission of nicotine and tar from surfaces which have previously absorbed them.

The bottom line is that, if left untreated, it will likely take longer to sell a smoker's home, and you may well have to settle for a lower price to do so.

Steps Before a Showing

Whenever you show your home, you want to present it in the best possible light. The last thing you want is the smell of smoke hitting your buyers as they enter the front door. There's several ways to combat this situation:

  • Stop smoking indoors:
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Where to Buy a Home Finding the right house can really make a place feel like home, but it isn't just about the physical building itself. It's also about the location. Real estate agents talk about location all the time, and about how important it is for most people. There's a reason for that. Location matters.

Wondering how to find the right house to buy? To find the very best location for your new home, ask yourself these questions.

1) Are Schools a Factor in Your Search?

Having children is a big responsibility, and sending them to good schools can help give them the right start in life. Choosing a location near a good school can be a great way to provide the best educational opportunities for your child. Carefully research the types of schools in all

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Selling Your Home? Here's How To Market ItWhen selling a home, visibility is key to finding potential buyers, and that’s where marketing comes in. Working with a real estate agent will help with some of the marketing, but there are even more ways homeowners can help their home that don’t just rely on giving a collection of photos to their agent. Here are some of the different ways homeowners can market their home to help it reach the right audience.

Take Quality Photos

Online listings are typically going to be the first place a buyer will see the home, so the listing needs to have the best photos possible to fully show off all of the home’s best features. Homeowners can either do this themselves if they have some experience with photography, or they can hire a professional

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in Canada, and Calgary offers the ultimate golfing destination because it houses some of the best courses. Calgary is equipped with a wide range of golf courses to choose from and great views to enjoy while teeing off. Here are some of the best golf course you should definitely consider playing in Calgary.

GlenEagles Golf Course

Situated in a beautiful and serene area just next to the Rockies, the GlenEagles Golf Course offers a memorable golfing experience with 18 holes to enjoy. The beautiful mountain scenery coupled with the carefully constructed course offer one of the best golfing experiences you will find anywhere in Canada.

HeatherGlen Golf Course

HeatherGlen Golf Course was recently Voted

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