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Waterfront Living: Making the Most of Your Riverfront Property

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, July 28th, 2022 at 7:32am.

Must-Have Amenities for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Owning a luxury waterfront home is about much more than enjoying the views of an inlet or lake—although that reason is essential. Living in a waterfront home is also about expressing a particular lifestyle. There are several ways to make the most of living on a river, from making additions to the home to ensuring that the riverfront property you buy is surrounded by amenities that you'll love.

Adapt Your Home to Your Lifestyle

When thinking about what to add to a luxury waterfront home, it is important to consider your lifestyle. While some additions might increase the value of the home, you're the one currently living in it—don't spend money making any changes that you won't enjoy yourself. For example, if you enjoy kayaking, you'll need somewhere to store your kayak and paddle when they're not in use. If you like fishing, you might want to add a fishing pier or a spot to clean the fish without having to go inside.

Whatever your lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to adapt your riverfront property to suit your needs. By thinking about how you want to use your home and changing it accordingly, you can ensure that it helps you make the most of living on the water.

Add a Private Dock or Boat Slip

Adding a private dock or a boat slip to a waterfront property is almost certain to increase the value of one's home. However, homeowners must ensure they follow all accretion rules along the shoreline and have the proper required permits before building a dock.

Owning a dock or boat slip adds a tremendous convenience to the homeowner. Many luxury waterfront homeowners also own a boat to take full advantage of the water for recreation and relaxation when they own a dock. It also means that their boat does not need to be housed at a nearby marina; it's right there on their property.

Owning a dock or a boat slip can also provide an area on the property for entertaining guests. If a dock is large enough, it can be used as a special area for hosting small parties or special events. It also lowers the boat's chances of being damaged, stolen, or vandalized.

Create an Outdoor Living Space with Great Water Views

An outdoor living space that maximizes waterfront views is another way to enhance the experience of owning a luxury waterfront home. Adding amenities outside the house encourages the owner to get outside and enjoy everything the property can offer.

Some ideas include building an outdoor kitchen or a firepit. A hot tub/sauna is another excellent choice that can even be utilized during the year's colder months. A deck or a gazebo sitting closer to the water can be a wonderful place for enjoying meals and waterfront views together. A walkway or footbridge can also entice owners to get closer to the water. Additional options for making the water views more accessible can include a garden area or a small playground for children.

An outdoor living space should not diminish the stunning views of the water from inside the home. Owners should consider the location and size of the outdoor living space and the lot it's being built on. If the previous owner added something that obstructs water views, such as a backyard shed, it might be advisable to remove it.

Invest in Winter Activities

Water Can Be Just as Fun During the WinterInvesting in winter activities allows a homeowner to take full advantage of their waterfront location year-round. Depending on how cold temperatures become and the ice's thickness, the top of the lake can become a playground even during winter. Ice skating on a lake can create memories that will last a lifetime. Ice fishing is another beloved pastime in northern areas and may be possible close to the home.

Adding a hot tub or sauna to an outdoor space can benefit the winter months. Permanent luxury hot tubs built onto the property can even add to the home's value. Additional fencing can also be added to the property to ensure increased privacy.

Location Matters; Buy in a Community with Extra Amenities

Many waterfront communities offer incredible amenities to the people who live within them. By searching for the right waterfront community to buy in, one might find a home with access to a private golf course.

Some waterfront communities will provide their own private marina or boat ramps that community members and their guests can only access. This can negate the need for every home in the community to have a private dock.

Some communities have a private clubhouse with a restaurant serving food or a concession stand that opens for special community events. Many waterfront communities often have a beautiful community space with a sandy beach and a designated swimming area.

A community fitness center, parks, tennis and pickleball courts, and an indoor pool are other possibilities that can sometimes be found in a waterfront community. These private areas will be much less crowded than their public counterparts because they are reserved and communally owned by residents within the designated boundaries. Every waterfront community is different, so buyers should look for one that best suits their desired lifestyle and the private amenities they would like to live near.

Enhance the Experience of Waterfront Living

Owning a luxury waterfront home can feel like a "permanent vacation" if the owner takes full advantage of everything the property offers. Adding a private dock and an outdoor living space, and investing in winter activities, are great ways to enhance the experience of living on a river. Don't forget that waterfront communities can sometimes offer excellent private amenities only available to residents.

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