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Living in Northwest Calgary: 9 Reasons to Love NW Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, June 13th, 2022 at 1:29pm.

What it's Like to Live in Northwest Calgary

As the country's third-largest city, Calgary has recently experienced a renaissance, thanks to a significant economic boom. In addition to Calgary's solid local economy, it has a stunning, natural beauty with rolling prairie hills, luscious green spaces, and stunning vista views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Northwest Calgary is located around 15 kilometres away from Downtown Calgary, and is an incredibly desirable area in its own right due to its residential suburbs and stunning parks. Keep reading to learn more about life in Northwest Calgary and why so many residents are paying attention to this growing area.

Northwest Calgary Lifestyle

What's it Like Living in Northwest Calgary?

Northwest Calgary, a conglomerate of over sixty different communities, is one of the largest districts in the Calgary Metropolitan area. With stunning mountain views and striking rivers, Northwest Calgary is home to some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes in the city. Nestled along the Bow River, Northwest Calgary is home to Nose Hill Park, the fourth-largest urban park in Canada, and many other parks and green spaces.

Like many other districts, Northwest Calgary is part of the Calgary Pathway system, which connects walkways to the city's parks and public green spaces. With ample biking trails, dog parks, and open spaces, residents find ways to stay active. Along with its natural beauty, Northwest Calgary is home to some of the area's biggest attractions, including world-class snowboarding and skiing, stunning parks, fantastic restaurants, and more.

Employers Near Northwest Calgary

Jobs and Employers in Northwest Calgary?

When relocating to a new city, or even to a new district, one of the most important factors that is often considered is employment prospects. Fortunately, Calgary has one of the strongest local economies in Western Canada. With over 143 major companies with headquarters in Calgary, this city provides ample job opportunities and has the highest concentration of head offices in Canada. While these companies are spread throughout the area, many have headquarters in Northwestern Calgary.

For commuters, Northwest Calgary residents can make the 20-minute drive to City Centre Calgary or even Southwest Calgary simply by taking 1A. Still, there are plenty of job opportunities in Northwest Calgary for those who'd rather not commute.

Northwest Calgary has employment opportunities in a number of fields, including retail, education, home improvement, marketing, and more. There are also numerous professional services, such as real estate, law, medicine, and accounting, where job seekers can find employment.

Northwest Calgary Amenities

Services, Shopping, and Other Amenities in Northwest Calgary?

While employment prospects are one of the most important factors prospective residents prioritize before relocating to another area, it's far from the only thing they think about. For many, one of the most important factors is the area's amenities. While Northwest Calgary is close to Downtown Calgary, it often feels like it's even further away because the district is so close to nature, including Calgary's best trails, parks, and other amenities. The area is also home to the University of Calgary and several malls.

Northwest Calgary Services

When considering district amenities, one of the many important aspects of an area is the local services. In Northwest Calgary, one of the most essential services is its community centres. Because of its size, Northwest Calgary has numerous community centres in nearly every neighbourhood. In addition to the area's community centres, Northwest Calgary is home to the University of Calgary, a prominent post-secondary educational institution. Another vital area service is the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, one of the area's leading non-profit organizations.

Northwest Calgary Shopping

While Northwest Calgary is most famous for its stunning natural beauty and pristine parks, Northwest Calgary is a large district known for its many shopping options. Home to five major shopping centers, residents will have a variety of shops and retailers for every type of shopaholic. With over 200 stores, Market Mall is one of the area's leading shopping malls, with international retailers, specialty stores, and everything in between. Northland Village Mall, another indoor shopping complex, has over 80 retailers. Other area shopping malls include Beacon Hill, Crowfoot Shopping, and North Hill Shopping Centre.

Northwest Calgary Property Owners Association

As one of the largest districts in Calgary, Northwest Calgary has many amenities and services residents enjoy. One of the biggest driving forces behind the maintenance and enjoyment of the area's parks and facilities is the area's property associations. While some areas have only one property owners association, Northwest Calgary has three main property owners associations that serve residents' needs: Bowness Community Association, Rocky Ridge Ranch, and The Hamptons. The mission of each of these community associations is to host local events, help maintain the area's facilities, and act as a liaison between the residents and the city officials to serve their community's best interests.

Things To Do in Northwest Calgary

Things to Do in Northwest Calgary?

Best known for its wild, rugged terrain, Northwest Calgary is one of the city's most naturally beautiful districts. And while it's well-known for its parks, there is a diverse range of activities and amenities for residents to enjoy. From world-class dining to exceptional shopping malls, residents and visitors of Northwest Calgary will always find something to pique their interest.

Outdoor Activities

For residents, one of the biggest draws of moving to Northwest Calgary is the great outdoors. As one of the closest districts to the Rocky Mountains, the area has many stunning parks and green spaces. Even in the winter, Northwest Calgary is a nature lover's paradise; the district is home to WinSport, one of the best snowboarding areas. Along with winter sports, Northwest Calgary has some of the area's most stunning parks. Bowness Park, located near the Bow River, is a shallow lagoon where residents and visitors like to swim in the warmer summer months. Another popular green space is Nose Hill Park, one of Calgary's best parks.

Restaurants, Breweries, & Bars

As many residents know, Calgary is one of the foodie capitals of Western Canada. In fact, like many major metropolitan areas, such as Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, Calgary is one of North America's rising stars in the culinary world. And while Northwest Calgary residents have the option to drive to Calgary's bustling downtown for a world-class meal, they can find plenty of exquisite culinary offerings right in their neighbourhoods. While Northwest Calgary has many cuisine options, some of the most popular food types are Italian, upscale, casual Canadian, Italian, Greek, Indian, Thai, and more. Some of the area's most popular restaurants include:

  • Notable
  • 4th Spot Kitchen and Bar
  • Flores & Pine
  • Nick's Steakhouse & Pizza

Nearby Attractions

Before becoming a major metropolitan area, Calgary was a western prairie city best known for its rodeos and ranches. Today, Calgary is one of Canada's largest cities that pays homage to its western heritage. One of the area's largest annual events, the Calgary Stampede, is located in Northwest Calgary. The Calgary Stampede has many events, such as rodeos, races, and shows.

For those who enjoy modern architecture, Northwest Calgary is just a short distance from Peace Bridge, one of the area's most stunning bridges. Built over the Bow River in 2012, this modern bridge is known as the "Finger Trap Bridge" since it resembles the classic children's game.

Northwest Calgary Schools

School and Education Options in Northwest Calgary?

In addition to job prospects and amenities, one of the most important factors many residents and area transplants consider before moving is the area's educational opportunities. As with students in every Calgary district, Northeast Calgary students are part of the Calgary Board of Education, which provides public education to the area's students.

Northwest Calgary, part of Area I, serves twenty-eight communities in the area and is one of the largest areas in Calgary. Area I comprises public and private schools, with more being built to accommodate the area's growing population. There are numerous elementary, middle, and high schools in the area. For secondary education, area students can attend Bowness High School, Discovering Choies School, or Sir Winston Churchill High School. There are also additional junior/senior high schools, which serve grades 6-12.

For students interested in pursuing post-secondary education, the University of Calgary is one of the area's most popular universities. There are many undergraduate and graduate programs available for students.

Life in Northwest Calgary

Thanks to its stunning natural landscapes and its fabulous community amenities, Northwest Calgary is a wonderful place to live. Yet, before moving to the community, it's important to explore the area to determine which neighbourhoods are the best fit—and they all have their own charm! For Canadian residents who want to live near downtown but away from the center of it all, Northwest Calgary provides a balance between tranquil, suburban, and big-city living.

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