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Calgary Economy: Top Industries, Biggest Employers, & Business Opportunities

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, September 10th, 2020 at 10:20am.

Calgary Economy, Top Industries, Biggest Employers, & Business Opportunities

New opportunities await when one chooses to relocate to a new area. As one of Canada's largest cities that offers expensive neighborhoods and affordable communities, Calgary has experienced a consistent population growth for years - so much so that each day, more people consider trusting their fortunes to the bustling city in the province of Alberta. Here's what new residents should know about Calgary's thriving economy.

Calgary's Industries

One of the reasons so many people are moving Northwest is because Calgary's economy is so diverse. Despite the nickname, there is a wide variety of industries waiting inside "Cowtown."

Number of People Employed By Calgary Top Industries

True to its nickname, the agribusiness industry is one of the largest in the city and involves more than farms on the outskirts. Calgary is dedicated to the business of agriculture, including training, research, and development, Additionally, Calgary boasts expertise in futuristic food service trends like protein development, food safety, and Agtech innovation. With the farmland in Alberta reaching more than 50 million acres, Calgary will have a role in the future of agricultural economies.

Much like agriculture, Calgary's energy role grew out of its natural resources. Alberta is the largest oil and natural gas producer in Canada. In recent years, however, Alberta has also developed an affinity for energy alternatives. They are one of the largest solar, wind, geothermal, and bioenergy resources in the country.

Wherever natural resources transactions are taking place, the financial sector will have a role. Accordingly, the financial services sector in the area is also one of its largest industries. They serve everything from high capital transactions, foreign investors, and individuals. Rounding out the industries are creative, digital media, life sciences, and technology.

Calgary's Top Employers

People seeking career advancement or entrepreneurial opportunities have many options in Calgary. Because the city offers many industries, there are a wide variety of employers.

Top Employers in Calgary, ABThe Alberta Securities Commission is a regulatory agency that oversees laws governing securities in Alberta, Canada, and includes exchanges related to mutual funds and natural gas. The staff is directly responsible for taking enforcement actions and registering entities.

As the name indicates, AltaGas is an energy company that supplies utilities to more than a million customers in Canada and the northern US. They also directly supply natural gas to businesses primarily in the Western Canada area. They have more than 2,800 employees and are headquartered in Calgary.

Shaw Communications is a telecommunications company with its headquarters in Calgary. With approximately 15,000 employees working in a variety of roles, this company provides cable and satellite television and high-speed internet to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and northern Ontario.

Calgary's Economy: Facts and Figures

In addition to the availability of many potential employers, Calgary's general economic numbers show a great deal of promise. If these numbers are any indication, the city's climate of prosperity will continue for decades.

Annual GDP per Capita Across Canada

Calgary's GDP is expected to grow at a consistent rate of about 2.2%. Total employment for the region is expected to reach nearly one million individuals by 2025, with an unemployment rate of approximately 6% in the same year. Housing starts are also expected to level off around 10,000 new units within five years, with plenty of new construction homes and infill homes being available for buyers.

Calgary: The City of Opportunity

Calgary is a great city for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. There are many growing industries and stable companies that ensure a fulfilling future for the city's residents, paired with an affordable cost of living. Calgary has something for everyone to discover.

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