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Living in East Calgary: 5 Reasons to Love East Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 at 8:19am.

What it's Like to Live in East Calgary

Founded in 1916, the East Calgary area was originally a village in Alberta. It held that designation for three years until it became part of the City of Calgary in 1919. Today, East Calgary is a residential district encompassing many neighbourhoods. Located east of the Bow River, the district's natural boundaries are east of Deerfoot Trail, north of Glenmore Trail SE, and south of Memorial Drive NE. With a mix of residential communities, industrial areas, and large commercial spaces, East Calgary is an eclectic area quickly gaining popularity. Still on the fence about moving to East Calgary? Read on to learn more about all the best reasons to love life in East Calgary.

The East Calgary Lifestyle

Lifestyle in East Calgary

Once a village, East Calgary, a conglomerate of 17 different communities, is a unique, vibrant area in Calgary that is steadily growing in popularity. Some of the area's most prominent neighbourhoods include:

A mix of residential and industrial, East Calgary has a warehouse and industrial park on the south end, creating plenty of job opportunities. Lying east of the Bow River, East Calgary's natural landscape is flatter than the western part of Calgary, with vast prairie lands covering the area. Like many of Calgary's districts, East Calgary has many green spaces, with lots of parks and nature trails for residents to enjoy. Some popular Calgary parks in the east area are Elliston Park, Valleyview Park, Applewood Park, and Marlborough Park.

With diverse neighbourhoods, ample green spaces, and commercial spaces, East Calgary strikes a balance between residential tranquillity and industrial revitalization. And with less than a 15-minute commute to downtown Calgary, East Calgary is ideal for those searching for a more affordable, laidback lifestyle.

Employers in East Calgary

East Calgary Employers

For many people, employment prospects are one of the most significant factors for determining where someone will live. With a projected job growth rate of 6.1% in 2021, Calgary has one of the healthiest employment rates in the country. Over 143 major companies have headquarters in Calgary; the city has the highest concentration of offices in Canada. Furthermore, many of these major companies have offices based in East Calgary, giving workers even greater employment opportunities. Calgary is well-known for its diverse range of industries, but the two most prominent industries in East Calgary are transportation and energy.

Perhaps one of the largest employers in East Calgary is the Canadian Pacific Railway, one of the most prominent goods and service transportation companies in North America. Headquartered in East Calgary, Canadian Pacific Railway has over 11,900+ employees worldwide. Another large-scale employer based in East Calgary is Enerflex Ltd, an oil and gas company providing energy for companies worldwide. Enerflex Ltd. employs over 1,800+ employees. Additionally, East Calgary is home to RIG Logistics Inc., a trucking company that transports goods across the country with over 250 individuals.

Along with these prominent companies, East Calgary is just a 15- to 20-minute drive to downtown Calgary, giving residents even greater employment opportunities.

East Calgary Amenities

Amenities in East Calgary

When deciding to relocate to a new area, whether relocating from another city or moving to another location in the town, one of the most important factors prospective residents consider is the area's amenities. While East Calgary is just 15 minutes from downtown, East Calgary also offers many big-city amenities. From fitness facilities to green spaces, East Calgary residents have plenty of options for neighbourhood conveniences.

East Calgary is also a transportation hub. From its easy access to some of Calgary's main roads to its ease of public transportation, residents can get anywhere they need to go, within and outside East Calgary.

Neighbourhood Services

For many, one of the biggest determining factors regarding a resident's quality of life is their accessibility to services and goods. Canada is one of the leading nations in the western world for quality healthcare, and Calgary is no exception. East Calgary residents have easy access to Peter Lougheed Centre, a full-service medical provider located on 26 Avenue NE.

In addition to healthcare, East Calgary residents thrive through access to athletic facilities, including the Bob Bahan Aquatic and Fitness Centre, an athletic facility offering aquatics classes, a dive tank, cardio and weight training, and a fitness studio. Residents can also swim in the community pool during the warmer summer months.

Neighbourhood Shopping

Along with its commuting ease and vibrant communities, one of the many perks of living in East Calgary is its numerous shopping options. Home to four major shopping centers, residents have various shops and retailers to suit their shopping needs. Pacific Place, a local shopping center located on the 36th Street retail corridor, has many restaurants, boutique shops, retailers, and service providers. Like Pacific Place, the Marlborough Mall is another local shopping center with numerous chain stores, restaurants, and service providers. Along with these options, some of the most popular shopping centers in East Calgary are Northgate Village Shopping Centre and TransCanada Centre.

Things To Do in East Calgary

East Calgary Things to Do

While downtown Calgary is most well-known for its sites, East Calgary has many attractions. The Calgary Zoo, one of western Canada's largest zoos, is just a 10-minute drive from East Calgary and has wildlife from all over the world. This zoo has many iconic animals, including lions, penguins, bears, tigers, gorillas, and more. Along with the famous Calgary Zoo, East Calgary is home to many of the city's fabulous parks, restaurants, and one of the area's best amusement parks. Residents and visitors will always find something to keep them entertained in East Calgary.

Outdoor Activities

As with most Calgary districts, East Calgary residents have an avid passion for the great outdoors, incorporating much of their free time into exploring nature. East Calgary is home to some of the area's best parks. Big Marlborough Park, one of the area's largest parks, has playground equipment, walking paths, and more. Elliston Park, another famous park, offers many of the best amenities, including playgrounds, picnic areas, off-leash areas for pet owners, and a pond. One of the area's newest parks is Valleyview Park, located in the Dover community. This park has baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, a pond, a spray park, and more.

Restaurants, Breweries, & Bars

In recent years, Calgary has become one of the rising stars in the culinary world. The city is a top contender for one of the best foodie cities in Canada, competing with the likes of Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

East Calgary has many gastronomic profiles and a diverse range of dining options, particularly on International Avenue. Some of the cuisines to sample in this area hail from Tibet, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, and Portugal, only to name a few. Some of the best restaurants are Little Tibet, Mimo, Pho Dau Bo, and Begim.

Nearby Attractions

Along with the global samplings on International Avenue, the vast array of green spaces, and the numerous shopping options, East Calgary is just a stone's throw away from one of the area's best theme parks: Cobb's Adventure Park. Both a zoo and an amusement park, guests will have a blast at this dynamic adventure land. Go-carts, rides, and exotic animals are just some of the many perks of this one-of-a-kind attraction. Cobb's Adventure Park also hosts birthday parties, adult-only events, and private kangaroo visits.

Along with Cobb's Adventure Park, East Calgary is also home to TELUS Spark Science Centre, an immersive science museum that encourages a love for science and learning. The venue hosts events for children and adults to promote a life-long passion for science. East Calgary is also home to PURE Casino and Heather Glen Golf Course.

East Calgary Schools

Schools in East Calgary

When relocating to a new community, one of the most important factors to consider is educational opportunities. Students residing in East Calgary are part of the Calgary Board of Education, which services all of Calgary and the surrounding areas. East Calgary, part of Area III, serves 17 communities and comprises public and private schools. With 27 elementary schools, one elementary/junior high school, one middle school, eight junior high schools, and three senior high schools, Area III offers an array of programs to suit students' individualized educational needs.

Area III's three high schools for students pursuing secondary education are Forest Lawn High School, Father Lacome High School, and Jack Games High School. For students interested in pursuing post-secondary education, East Calgary is just a short distance from some of the area's best universities, including:

  • University of Calgary
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
  • Cambrooks College
  • Sundance College
  • ABM College

Considerations Before Moving to East Calgary

East Calgary has many wonderful aspects of life. In recent years, this area has transformed from an industrial area into a more vibrant, residential community. Yet, when moving to East Calgary, it's crucial to explore the different neighbourhoods within this community to find the right fit. Every neighbourhood in this district has a distinct identity, and finding the right fit can enrich a resident's life. For those who enjoy all that Calgary offers, East Calgary strikes the right balance between a tight-knit community and vibrant city living.

If you're looking for the perfect Calgary home, contact Justin Havre with eXp Realty and Calgary Homes at (403) 217-0003 to get in touch with a local Calgary real estate agent and discover your new dream home today.

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