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Choosing Interior Paint Colours That Sell

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, November 30th, 2018 at 1:15pm.

Paint Colours Home Buyers Like Homeowners thinking about selling in the near future will find that repainting their home's interior can make the rooms look cleaner and more attractive. For those hoping to stage their property, choosing the right interior paint colours can lead to a faster sale and better offers.

Make Proper Use of Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are the easy answer when asking how to choose paint colours. The neutral colour palette includes beige, gray, white and cream. Earth tones like gray-green and gray-blue may also be considered neutrals in some cases. Neutrals are considered favorable by many home buyers because they match almost anything. By painting your South Calgary home’s interior with neutral colours, you help ensure that your home will meet the needs of a large number of potential buyers.

Avoid Bright and Bold Hues

Bright, bold colours can be overwhelming to many buyers seeking turn-key properties. Vibrant reds, bold blues and warm, bright oranges are more likely to clash with furniture and also excite strong (but not always favorable) emotions in buyers. In addition, bright colours can be difficult to cover with fresh paint, making more work for any home buyer who wants to repaint. This can lead to lower offers or may deter some buyers all together.

Know When to Use Dark and Light Tones

Wondering how to pick paint colors for your interior design color schemes? Dark colours are best used in large rooms with tall ceilings and a good deal of natural day light, because darker colours can bring walls closer and make larger spaces seem more intimate. Lighter colours are more appropriate in small rooms and in rooms with northern exposures that lack daylight. Light colours can help push back walls and make small rooms seem less confining.

White is Safe, But Not Exciting

White has been a popular colour choice in many kitchens in the last several years, but in most rooms of the house, white can seem harsh and generic. If you desire the clean, bright look of white but want to make your home seem have an amount of character and style, try a very light beige or a warm cream. Offset this colour with white trim, which can help brighten the room, giving the walls a crisp, clean appearance.

Indoor Painting Tips For Beginners

Once a color has been chosen, it’s time to prep and paint. Prepare the space by removing or covering furnishings and decor within the room to be painted. Canvas drop cloths typically work best, and don’t forget to cover the floor as well. Next, remove any items hanging on the walls and putty over any holes. Clean the walls thoroughly with water and a mild detergent to ensure that the surface will take the paint evenly and smoothly. Utilize painter’s tape off areas near door frames, windows, ceilings, baseboards, fans and electrical covers.

Larger rooms will require multiple cans of paint, so it’s wise to mix what is needed into one large can for uniformity in colour throughout the space. Paint the trim first, ceilings second and walls last, using smooth strokes and trying to avoid lap marks by keeping a wet edge or using a feathering technique. Remove the painter’s tape only once the paint is dry for smoother edges and to prevent color bleeding.

Talk to Your Agent

Your real estate agent can help you choose the right home color schemes for your home sale. If you're seeking guidance when staging your home, work with your agent to figure out what needs to be done. He or she can answer your questions and help you determine the best ways to stage your property before selling.

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