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16 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in Calgary: Richest Calgary Neighbourhoods Guide

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024 at 12:21pm.

Where are the Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in Calgary?

Despite its overall affordable cost of living, some of Canada’s wealthiest neighbourhoods can be found in Calgary. These communities offer unique and luxurious homes, many with spectacular views. Mature trees, as well as proximity to specialty shops and eateries, are among the draws to these communities. The following neighbourhoods are some of the most expensive that Calgary has to offer.

Average Home Prices in The Richest Neighbourhoods in Calgary

  • Altadore: $700,000 - $3.5 million
  • Aspen Woods: $1.5 million - $8 million
  • Bearspaw: $1.7 million - $10+ million
  • Britannia: $2.6 million - $4.3 million
  • Eagle Ridge: $1.13 million - $2 million
  • Elbow Park: $1.5 million - $5.8 million
  • Roxboro: $1.4 million - $5 million
  • St. Andrews Heights: $1.3 million - $3.4 million
  • Bayview: $1 million - $2 million
  • Parkdale: $1.3 million - $2.5 million
  • Rosedale: $1.3 million - $2.7 million
  • Upper Mount Royal: $1.5 million - $5+ million
  • Lower Mount Royal: $1 million - $3 million
  • Bel Aire: $1.35 million - $12+ million
  • Mayfair: $1.35 million - $1.8 million
  • Pump Hill: $1 million - $10 million


Altadore Amenities

  • Sandy Beach park
  • River Park
  • Marda Loop Shopping District

Located southwest of downtown Calgary, Altadore offers a diverse real estate landscape with custom houses and condos. The housing options in Altadore cater to various budgets, ensuring accessibility to a luxury lifestyle. With home prices ranging from $700,000 to $3.5 million, Altadore real estate provides a wide range of choices for potential residents.

Amenities in the area add to its allure, including Sandy Beach Park, River Park, and the bustling Marda Loop shopping district. Altadore is renowned as one of Calgary's premier neighbourhoods, celebrated for its vibrant community and upscale living environment. This coveted area not only boasts luxurious residences but also a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to those seeking a high-end lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for a custom-built house or a stylish condo, Altadore stands out for its mix of modern and traditional architecture, making it a desirable location for those seeking a blend of elegance and convenience in Calgary.

Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods Amenities

  • Westside Rec Centre
  • Rocky Mountain Views
  • Edworthy Park

Altadore's reputation for offering a diverse real estate landscape with a range of housing options extends to Aspen Woods in Calgary, known for its upscale housing developments and panoramic views of the Rockies. Homes for sale in Aspen Woods may start around $1.5 million and quickly reach prices as high as $8 million. The neighbourhood provides convenient access to amenities like the West Hills Town Centre, Edworthy Park, and several golf courses, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Additionally, Aspen Woods residents have the privilege of enjoying the Westside Rec Centre facilities through the SCA Community Association membership. The area is distinguished by its mix of luxury residences, stunning mountain vistas, and spacious lot sizes, creating an exclusive and desirable living environment.

Whether you seek a modern home with a view or a grand estate, Aspen Woods presents a luxurious lifestyle opportunity in Calgary.


Bearspaw Amenities

  • Golf courses
  • Gated entrances
  • Serene rural setting

Bearspaw in Calgary offers affluent residents a serene escape with sprawling acreage mansions boasting panoramic mountain views and luxury real estate. This peaceful and private community near the city provides unbeatable luxury living. The cheapest homes start at around $1.7 million and the most expensive ones can cost more than $10 million. 

The estate subdivisions in Bearspaw feature gated entrances, massive lots, and upscale amenities, making it a sought-after high-end estate community. Residents enjoy the tranquillity and natural beauty of the area, along with easy access to big city amenities for a balanced lifestyle. With its spectacular views of the foothills and Rockies, Bearspaw stands out as a top choice for those seeking a luxurious and serene living environment near Calgary.


Britannia Amenities

  • Many restaurants to choose from
  • Plenty of nightlife
  • Near the Bow River
  • Eau Claire Park

Established in 1956, Britannia is located along the east bank of the Elbow River, with homes representing an eclectic mix of single-family homes as well as luxury flats and condominiums. True to its namesake, the community has named numerous streets after famous streets in the U.K. Home prices in Britannia average just slightly over $2.6 million. Executive homes with views of the Rocky Mountains and River Valley sell at a premium. Britannia is known for its mature trees and the neighbourhood's walkability—restaurants, shopping centres, river walks, and sporting complexes are all within walking distance.

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge Amenities

  • Peninsula in Glenmore Reservoir
  • Heritage Park Historical Village
  • Canmore Opera House
  • Gasoline Alley Museum

Located in Southwest Calgary, Eagle Ridge lies just east of the Glenmore Reservoir, with Rockyview General Hospital to its north and the Heritage Park Historical Village to its west. This tight-knit community comprises just three roads. Most of the residential real estate consists of luxury homes and bungalows. While the average home price is around $1.13 million, some of the most high-end properties in Eagle Ridge sell for around $2 million. Residents in Eagle Ridge enjoy easy access to a multitude of amenities. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the community’s nearby bike paths, hiking trails, parks, and boat docks.

Elbow Park

Calgary Skyline Over the Elbow River

Elbow Park Amenities

  • One of the oldest communities in Calgary
  • Borders the Elbow River
  • Several nearby parks
  • Close to downtown

Located at the bend in the Elbow River, the luxury community of Elbow Park was established in 1910. This makes it not only one of Calgary’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, but also one of its oldest. Many of the homes are authentic, resulting in a neighbourhood of historic architecture that maintains its extraordinary character while also offering homeowners a host of modern upgrades. The majority of Elbow Park residential real estate consists of single-family homes. Filled with some of the most luxurious homes in Calgary, the average house price is just over $1.3 million. Known as a very walkable community, residents have easy access to entertainment, retail, recreation, and restaurants.


Roxboro Amenities

  • Off-leash dog park
  • Marion Gibson Hall
  • Roxboro Park

Established in 1923, Roxboro is known for its mature trees and tranquil residential streets. Residents can easily access nearby parks, recreational facilities, shopping, and other amenities. The neighbourhood is situated on the banks of the Elbow River, not far from Stampede Park. Many of the original structures from the 1920s remain. Boasting one of the highest median incomes in Calgary, and the average price of homes for sale in Roxboro ranges between $1.4 million and $5 million. Roxboro offers residents scenic streets and trails for walking and cycling. In addition to the outdoors, the community is known for its fine dining, locally owned coffee shops, and patio bistros.

St. Andrews Heights

St. Andrews Heights Amenities

  • Foothills Medical Centre
  • Karl Baker Off-Leash Park
  • Trans-Canada Hwy access
  • Saint Andrews Park

St. Andrews Heights is located on an embankment overlooking West Hillhurst. It has the unique distinction of having started out as a prestigious Calgary golf course. Even after the community was annexed by Calgary in 1910, residential development on this golf course community did not begin until the early 1950s. The community is known for its curvy streets, which conform to the community’s topography. Residences were built to take advantage of exceptional views of Bow River and the surrounding cityscape. The average home price in St. Andrews Heights is just over $1.3 million.


Bayview Amenities

  • Marina
  • Glenmore Landing shopping center
  • Forgetmenot Park
  • Glenmore Sailing Club

Bayview is a small, luxury neighbourhood situated on the edge of the Glenmore Reservoir in Southwest Calgary. Founded in 1967, the community is known for its waterfront recreation. Bayview offers its residents easy access to walking trails, retailers, and the reservoir. The community is also close to Downtown Calgary as well as just minutes from the Elbow River and its park-pathway network. Bayview properties are dominated by single-family luxury homes, with most featuring expansive lots. Luxury lakefront homes are mostly single-family bungalows. The average price of homes in Bayview is just over $1 million.


Parkdale Amenities

  • Near Foothills Hospital
  • Bow River Pathway

Although annexed by Calgary in 1910, it wasn’t until after WWII that the Parkdale neighbourhood was developed. Located along the Bow River, most of Parkdale real estate consists of renovated housing, though there have also been new single-family developments to take the place of older homes. Parkdale appeals to home buyers with its easy access to entertainment and recreation, along with locally owned restaurants and shops.


Rosedale Amenities

  • McHugh Bluff Park
  • Calgary Childrens Choir
  • Borders Trans-Canada Hwy

Rosedale is centrally located in the heart of Calgary. Annexed by the city in 1907, the Rosedale housing market wasn’t established until 1929. In recent years, many older homes have been replaced with new developments. Rosedale residents enjoy easy access to downtown Calgary as well as several universities and colleges. Rosedale real estate is dominated by single-family homes. The average price of homes in Rosedale ranges between $1.3 million and $2.7 million. The community is known for its mix of newer and older homes, set on tree-lined streets.

Upper Mount Royal

Upper Mount Royal Amenities

  • Beautiful architecture
  • Tree-lined streets
  • Scenic views of the city

In Upper Mount Royal, you'll find some of Calgary's most luxurious homes, typically ranging in price from $1.5 million to over $5 million. This affluent neighbourhood boasts eight parks, including Earl Grey Park, and offers easy access to the bustling 17th Avenue commercial area. With a quick 10-minute drive to the Downtown Commercial District, residents enjoy a convenient urban lifestyle with a myriad of amenities at their fingertips.

The real estate in Upper Mount Royal is a sight to behold, featuring a blend of historic and modern architecture that provides stunning panoramic views of the cityscape. The upscale homes in this area are renowned for their premium features and coveted location, making Upper Mount Royal a highly sought-after and exclusive community in Calgary.

Lower Mount Royal

Lower Mount Royal Amenities

  • 17th Avenue
  • Mount Royal Community Association
  • Convenient location for walking and biking through central Calgary

Lower Mount Royal, a trendy inner-city neighbourhood in Calgary's southwest quadrant, offers a vibrant mix of historic homes, modern condos, and trendy shops and restaurants. The area boasts a diverse real estate landscape, with condos ranging between $700,000 and $900,000 and single-family homes priced from $1 million to $3 million.

Residents of Lower Mount Royal benefit from the proximity to the bustling 17th Avenue, renowned for its lively nightlife and eclectic shopping options. This neighbourhood provides a seamless blend of character and contemporary living spaces, catering to those seeking a convenient urban lifestyle.

Lower Mount Royal's appeal lies in its dynamic atmosphere, where historical charm meets modern conveniences, creating an inviting environment for individuals looking to immerse themselves in Calgary's vibrant city life. Experience the fusion of tradition and trendiness in Lower Mount Royal, making it a sought-after location for those desiring a mix of heritage and modernity.

Bel Aire

Bel Aire Amenities

  • Beautiful residential neighbourhood
  • Near the Glenmore Reservoir
  • Borders the Elbow River
  • Borders Calgary Golf & Country Club

Established in 1954, Bel Aire is located in Southwest Calgary. The neighbourhood is bordered on the east by Meadowland Park and on the west by Glenmore Reservoir. All properties in Bel Aire consist of single-family homes set on tree-lined streets. Bel Aire is highly sought after due in part to having some of the most spectacular views in the city. The average home price in Bel Aire is about $1.35 million, though some of the most luxurious homes can range up to $12 million and more. Residents can enjoy the network of pathways on the Elbow River, easy access to the Glenmore Reservoir, and breathtaking views.


Mayfair Amenities

  • Beautiful residential neighbourhood
  • Near the Glenmore Reservoir
  • Borders the Elbow River
  • Walking and biking trails

Real estate development in Mayfair began in 1957, not long after the community was annexed by the city. Mayfair developed quickly, due in large part to its proximity to the Glenmore Reservoir and Heritage Park. Most homes for sale in Mayfair are single-family homes. The average home price is around $1.35 million. Mayfair is known as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, with access to the Glenmore Reservoir, Glenmore Athletic Park and Weaselhead Flats. Those looking for unique, locally owned shops as well as mall shopping will find both options in Mayfair.

Pump Hill

Pump Hill Amenities

  • Near Glenmore Reservoir
  • Luxury homes
  • Large lots
  • Dog Park

Although the housing market in the Pump Hill area has existed since 1967, it wasn’t until 1991 that the neighbourhood was recognized. Up to that point, homes within the community were considered to be part of neighbouring Palliser. The community gets its name from an old windmill that used to supply water to the surrounding houses. While there are a handful of semi-detached homes and townhomes, the wide majority of homes in Pump Hill are luxury condominiums and single-family homes. Some of the most expensive homes in Pump Hill can be found near the Glenmore Reservoir. Homes in Pump Hill are known to cost anywhere between $1 million and $10 million. 

Find Opulence in Calgary's Most Expensive Neighbourhoods

The most expensive neighbourhoods can be found in all of Calgary's quadrants. If you’re thinking about making the move to one of Calgary's luxurious communities, these neighbourhoods are some excellent choices to consider. If you're looking for a slightly different experience, try taking a look at Calgary's master-planned communities and the many luxury high-rise condo neighbourhoods available in this city. And, of course, Calgary's most popular neighbourhoods include more affordable communities as well.

If you're looking for the perfect Calgary home, contact Justin Havre with eXp Realty and Calgary Homes at (403) 217-0003 to get in touch with a local Calgary real estate agent and discover your new dream home today.

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