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Seven Simple Homeowner Tools for Everyday Needs

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 at 8:42am.

Basic Homeowner Tools That Belong in Every ToolboxLittle chores pop up around the house from time to time, such as hanging pictures, stabilizing loose screws, and hammering loose boards back into place. All of these tasks and more are easily accomplished with a few handy devices that should be in every homeowner's toolbox. These 10 essential basic homeowner tools are must-haves for anyone who wants to handle home improvement in their home.

Versatile Set of Screwdrivers

Flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers in a variety of sizes will likely be employed the most amid the essential toolbox. These tools often come in sets that are highly affordable, as there's no need to make a costly investment in screwdrivers unless one is a serious enthusiast. Those who know how to use a screwdriver with ease may appreciate tools with magnetic tips and comfortable handle grips to ease larger jobs.

Shock Absorbing Hammer

A sturdy hammer with a backside claw can be invaluable. Drive nails in with one end and pull nails out with the other side with this useful tool. On average, a 16-inch handled hammer with a one-pound weight will suffice for the average job around the house. Be sure to invest in a hammer with a vinyl or rubber handle for extra grip and shock absorption.

Measuring Tools

Whether moving furniture or measuring for blinds or trim, a good tape measure is necessary for success. The sturdiest tape measures come in about 1” widths, and a good length for all-purpose use is about 12-16-feet. Wider widths are more stable, making them ideal for one-handed jobs. Solo crafters should also get a measuring tape with a one-click locking mechanism for ultimate convenience.

Adjustable Wrench / Pliers

An adjustable wrench can serve double-duty as pliers. Simply lock in the size and this device can handle an array of home tasks with ease such as pipe repairs, adjusting bolts and making electrical appliance connections. Also known as lever-wrench pliers, these can also be utilized to cut wires and to clamp glued areas for drying. Some may even allow for attachment additions that can connect to plumbing wrenches and ratchet adapters.

Cordless Drill / Screwdriver Kit

The ultimate tool of tools is a cordless drill. Using a cordless drill is easy, and they often have attachments that make them transitional into a cordless screwdriver, which is also ultra handy. Corded models offer more power and cordless models do require periodic battery replacements, but owners can't go wrong with one of these babies in their tool kit!

Small Sawing Tool

A small hacksaw can let owners cut through plastic, thin metal and wood when repairs are needed. An effective saw need not be expensive, and most models feature handles with screws that permit simple blade replacements.

Level it Out

A level can prevent unsightly and unnecessary holes in walls when aligning wall hangings, televisions and installing shelving. Levels are available in traditional bubble centering styles, as well as laser levels, which are superb for the solo DIY'er.

Why is Basic Repair Skill Important When Owning a Home?

Homeowners need the ability to do basic repairs when they own a home because there are many maintenance problems that do not quite rise to the level of needing a professional. Homeowners who do call professional handymen for all of their repairs may find themselves spending a lot of unnecessary money on home maintenance. Many homeowners find it is more economical to make small fixes themselves. 

Often first time home owners have few or no repair skills when they buy their home. It is after many years of practice that they develop their ability to fix things that go wrong. 

Need a bit of help with home projects? Contact a North East Calgary home improvement professional for assistance with jobs beyond your comfort level.

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