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Designing a Nursery to Grow With Your Child

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 8:00am.

Baby Room Decorating Ideas When you first begin shopping for items on your baby registry, you're likely to be overwhelmed in the presence of so many nursery decor themes. There are adorable zoo animals, beautiful butterflies, trucks and trains, and a whole slew of branded movie characters to choose from to personalize your baby's nursery.

Though going all out on a theme is very tempting, it may make the room more difficult to remodel or sell later on—exactly no one has a baby forever.

Instead, try these tips for designing a child's bedroom that will look great at all ages.

Choose a Sophisticated Colour Palette

If there's one thing your child will reject in in his or her second decade of life, it's likely a room awash in baby pink or powder blue. Try starting out with a more versatile colour scheme from the get-go to avoid repainting the space. Yellow, green, aqua and red are all kid-friendly choices that don't come with nearly as much baggage attached.

For a really versatile choice, try pairing one of those colours with neutral tones: White, tan and aqua create a beach-y vibe; a gray-and-red combo looks chic; and pairing yellow with gray or brown is very on-trend.

Try Removable Wall Decals

If you're concerned that your colour palette is a bit too sophisticated for a toddler, add vinyl wall decals to brighten up the space. These are a great way to add a decorative element or even to turn a whole wall into a mural that will spark your child's imagination.

Stylized trees, flowers and animals are popular, but this is also a great way to temporarily indulge your child's love of a cartoon character for a few years with minimal commitment: just peel and toss when you have a teenager.

How to Plan for Your Child's Growth When Designing Their Bedroom

As a baby  turns into a toddler and a toddler turns into a school aged child, many parents seek to design a bedroom that will grow with their little one. Younger children and older children often have distinctly different bedrooms. However, parents who plan ahead can make their child's bedroom timeless and classic, fit for children of any age. 

First, parents can buy timeless wooden furniture that is appropriate for all ages. Furniture that is too small or painted in very juvenile colours may need to be replaced quickly as the child grows. The parent can also install flooring that will last a long time and will continue to look good even as the child ages. Hardwood flooring is a good choice for a child of any age. For a toddler, parents can install a rug over the hardwood to give the little one a soft surface where they can fall down.

Installing organizers is one more way to keep a bedroom appropriate for children of all ages. A good organizer can help keep the floor clear no matter what the age of the child. 

Pick Furniture That Does Double-Duty

Specialized baby furniture is only useful for a year or two, so it's a much better investment to choose items that will grow with your child. A good option is to choose a crib that transforms into a bed; later you can choose a twin bed with a trundle for guests. Try outfitting a low dresser with a changing pad instead of buying a specialized changing table, and you'll be ready for potty training when it finally arrives.

Designing a room for a child is a very exciting venture. Following these tips will help you when it comes time to transition to the next stages of their lives.

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