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Calgary Employers

calgary employmentBoom or bust, there's never a dull moment in Calgary's employment scene.

Calgary employers are always seeking top talent no matter the economic climate. As the city becomes more cosmopolitan in nature, employers are looking for talent from Europe, Asia and South America. People who move to Calgary from around the world shape the way our city is built, influencing our architecture, arts and culture and human dynamics.

Top Employers in Calgary

This city is known for oil and gas, but Calgary's economy is more diversified than you may think. Calgary has warehouse and manufacturing sectors, regional head offices for banks, insurance companies and law firms, transportation and alternative energy companies. Some of Calgary's top employers include the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Find A Job In Calgary

If you are considering a move to Calgary and are looking at many of our city's top employers, it's easy to perform online searches to see what positions are available. When relocating, for whatever reason, it's a good idea to visit Calgary and see for yourself.

Assistance with relocating to Calgary is top of mind with most Calgary employers. Before accepting a position, it's important to do the research to make sure you and your family will enjoy living in Calgary. Things to consider are:

  • Where is your employer located and how close to work do you want to be?
  • Will you need public transportation or will you drive?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you have – urban nightlife or suburban/family?
  • What type of housing do you require and what is your budget?
  • What type of school do you need? (Public, private, religious affiliation)

Calgary Employment Salaries & Compensation

Calgary employers will generally pay employees a salary commensurate with the local cost of living. Calgary housing ranks second in Canada for monthly rents, but is not as expensive as Vancouver or Toronto.

When researching Calgary employers, find out how much support they will provide when it comes to:

  • Selling your current home
  • Moving your possessions
  • Travel costs (airfare, gas, vehicle rental, meals, hotel)
  • Purchasing a new home

Some Calgary employers use relocation services to assist with employee relocations. Employers are often ranked by various organizations and media publications, providing prospective employees a glimpse into employee satisfaction. A search will uncover the top ranked employers in Calgary who meet or exceed specific criteria.

Many of Calgary's top employers have won local and prestigious national awards for human resources, workplace ethics, performance management and inclusive culture. Some of the criteria for which they have been nominated include the physical workplace, the atmosphere and social aspects of the workplace, community involvement and attitudes towards work/life balance.

Employee communication ranks high among many Calgary employers. There are great benefits, including extended health care, insurance, vacation and personal days, volunteer days, training and skills development and much more.

In order to compete on the global stage with other employers, Calgary employers are constantly assessing programs and employee benefits to ensure they remain fair and competitive. Employee retention is critical to the success of any employer.

Calgary employers are front and centre in many of our city's major festivals and charitable events. That starts with the Calgary Stampede where many employers buy sponsorships, host pancake breakfasts, throw barbecues, rent suites at the world famous chuck wagon races and give employees time off to entertain clients at various functions.

Volunteering is the hallmark of Calgary's corporate culture. Calgary employers are known to give employees volunteer days, or chose charitable events such as the Calgary Corporate Challenge or Food Bank drives where groups of employees give their time and talent to help a worthy cause.

Contact Justin Havre to learn more about relocating to beautiful Calgary, AB!