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Information You Need to Know About Researching Your Real Estate Market

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 at 9:35am.

What to Know When Researching Real EstateHomeowners who hope to sell their property often start by doing research. They want to know how much can they expect to make when they sell their home, what can they do to make their home look better to buyers, and how can they have the best experience possible selling their property. This article can help homeowners as they begin their research into the real estate market.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Value of Your Home Is Affected by Comparable Properties

When a real estate agent assesses the value of a home, they'll start by looking at properties in the area that have recently sold. These homes must be of comparable in size and must have comparable features. The selling price of these homes becomes the baseline that the real estate professional uses to gauge how much a client's home is worth.

Other factors that can affect a home's value includes:

  • What kind of condition the home is in.
  • When it was last remodeled.
  • How close the home is to public transportation, places of employment, retail, schools, etc.

The best way to find out the value of a home is to contact a knowledgeable real estate professional. Homeowners who want to do their own research can check local listings online to see what homes in their neighborhood have recently sold.

You Can Improve Your Home's Value

Many homeowners want to improve their home's value before they put their home up for sale, but aren't sure where to start. Making home improvements can boost a home's value in a variety of ways. The type of home improvements a homeowner focuses on will depend on the condition of the home. Some common home improvements that increase value include:

  • Remodeling. Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom is a high ROI home improvement that can increase the value of a home.
  • Building an addition. A second bathroom or a third bedroom is another home improvement that can boost the value of the home.
  • Fixing broken systems. Broken appliances and other home systems can detract significantly from the value of the home as buyers expect the home to be move-in ready.
  • Making cosmetic improvements. Cosmetic defects can have a big impact on a home sale and could devalue the home.

Homeowners who want to sell their home for the highest price can do research into these various types of remodels before deciding which type of remodel is right for them.

Finding a Good Real Estate Agent Is Critical

Finding a good real estate agent is an important part of selling a home. The real estate agent's job is to negotiate the home price and coordinate the different steps of the sale. A good real estate agent will limit the number of clients they work with at one time, to ensure that each client gets their undivided attention.

In addition, a good real estate agent will help the Calgary city centre home seller through each step of the selling process. If the real estate professional is not focused on customer service, the seller could find themselves feeling abandoned during the home sale.

If you're a homeowner who needs to find a reliable real estate professional, start by getting references from loved ones and friends. Once you have a list of possible professionals to contact, interview them by asking them all the same questions. Good questions to ask include,

  • How long have you been selling homes?
  • How many clients do you work with at one time?
  • Do you have any references?
  • How long have you been selling homes in this area?

If you're a homeowner who is thinking about selling you're home and you're looking for a real estate professional, get started in your search today.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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