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10 Popular Condo Styles in Calgary Real Estate Today

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 at 1:07pm.

Inspire Your Condo Design With These 10 Popular StylesWhether you opt to buy a home, sell your residence, rent a property, or develop a new construction home there are near-countless housing options in Calgary.

Condo living in Calgary is an excellent option with a ton of benefits.

A condo is easy to maintain, cost-efficient, and, in many cases, located in the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. And the good news is, styling a condo is no different from a house.

Here we have listed ten popular condo styles in real estate today. Keep reading to decide which condo type is best for your personality and lifestyle.

Art Deco

Art Deco, short for Art Decoratifs, is a style that has been around for 100 years and still packs the same punch as a popular condo style in real estate today.

Art Deco has a focus on the glamorous, giving a sense of luxury to any condo. It mixes all things bold, from vibrant, appealing wall colours to geometric shapes, abstract paintings, and rich metallics.

Adding grand mirrors, lavish lamps, and a touch of animal print is a must in any art deco condo.

Art Deco is best for those who want timeless glamour.


It is almost contradictory to pigeonhole Bohemian as a style, as the word suggests an artistic and unique look with a dash of modern sustainable materials. However, in the mainstream interior design world, it essentially means a personalized and eclectic space.

Think throw blankets, cushions, sentimental furniture, travel souvenirs, meaningful photos, and favourite artwork. Create a soul-filling condo to display you and your personality. Choose the correct fixtures and fittings to fine-tune utilities and comfort.

The best thing about Bohemian-style condos is that they are meant to be different as the occupants are different, so get out of the box and add your personality to your condo.

Bohemian is best for the soulful.


The coast style is great for a condo as it uses natural tones, making an area look more spacious and fresh.

Hues of blue and white are the primary colours associated with a coastal style, and the decor can be easily achieved with ceramics, timber and wicker. The soothing blues can mix from deep tone to attractive turquoise, while the white shades amplify natural light.

Furthermore, live indoor plants are always a perfect addition to homes in the coastal style.

Coastal is best for those who want open and fresh spaces.


The farmhouse is a traditional and rustic aesthetic in a modern condo. The result is a warm and cozy feeling infused with light colours and roomy vibes. Timber is key in the farmhouse style. Wooden furniture and accessories the perfect pairing with timber beams, while emphasizing trims and using decorative doors also help complete the farmhouse look.

Vintage furnishings are crucial for the farmhouse ambience.

The farmhouse is best for a modern yet rustic aesthetic.


Ironically, the industrial style dates back centuries, when people utilized factories for living purposes and industrial materials to make homes practical.

Fast forward to 2021, and industrial is a desirable look that can be implemented in any abode, including condos. The modern-day industrial styles encompass building elements such as wood, MDF, brick, concrete, iron, steel and copper.

The style can polarise opinions. Some may think industrial is cold and lacks personality, while others love it, feeling a sense of raw beauty and simplicity.

Industrial is best for raw beauty enthusiasts.


As the style name suggests, the maximalist style goes all out. Essentially anything goes, almost like bohemian, but to an even bolder level.

The maximalist style calls for bright furniture and wall coverings as the main ingredients and then everything else is open to the occupant’s discretion. Vases, paintings, cushions, rugs, chandeliers, murals, and trinkets are all fair game.

In condo living, the maximalist style may make for congested spaces, but if you have the right tools and do it well, it looks excellent, according to professionals from My Handyman.

Maximalist is best for bold personalities.


A modern style is relative to the time referred to, as the contemporary of the ’80s is not "modern" by 2021's standards. It must be said, though, that today’s modern style is an excellent choice for condos.

Modern uses simple shapes, straight lines, muted colours and safe shades, leaving little chance for things to go wrong; however, it needs to be executed well.

The modern style offers a minimalistic aesthetic, with a “less is more approach,” which helps condos tremendously where free space is precious.

Modern is best for those wanting sharp, contemporary minimalism.


A rustic style will have a condo feeling cozy and natural. It needs to be neat and orderly to emphasize the natural beauty of the materials.

Timber makes the style. Using unfinished, stained and polished wood gives an instant rustic feel. Adding a cushion to a cheddar chair, a plant on a hickory table, a picture on a pine wall are easy improvements that complete.

The rustic style is comparable in many ways to the farmhouse style.

Rustic is best for outdoor enthusiasts.


Inspired by Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden designs, the Scandinavian style is simple yet elegant. This minimalist aesthetic is ideal for condos, keeping things orderly in a very cool way.

The beauty of the appealing Scandinavian look is that it can be used in any setting. Stripping back a condo by painting walls and removing excess to make a clean palette is necessary, then it is just a matter of selecting simplistic, functional, and appealing furnishings.

Scandinavian works with a pop of colour, a touch of pattern, and a hint of a curve. Scandinavian is best for the minimalist.


A traditional style is just that. Traditional. It creates an elegant and cozy condo with timeless fashion in an organized way.

The traditional decor uses rich colours, wholesome furniture, large prints, and cozy furnishings like lamps, rugs, and cushions to draw inspiration from the past.

While traditional and modern could not be further apart, the decision between the two is not necessarily tricky, with the former more likely to last the test of time.

Traditional is best for those looking for a classic homey vibe.

Style Your Calgary Condo Today!

According to experts at C&A Surveyors, these condo styles offer variety and inspiration to fit any property type. It is a preference for your condo to look and feel and find what works best for you. So make your choice and style your Calgary condo today.

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