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5 Tips for Moving Long Distance

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 at 9:30am.

How to Efficiently Move Long DistanceWhether City Centre home buyers are moving down the street or halfway around the world, the process of relocating takes a lot of time and planning. To prevent mishaps, here are five useful tips to anyone in the midst of a major move.

Organizing Early

As easy as it is to put off packing to the last minute, most people can't afford to do this. Now is the time to determine which items are kept and what is to be thrown away or donated. The last thing homeowners need is to spend the time and money packing, transporting, and unpacking items they don't actually need. Minimizing the number of boxes can also save homeowners money and time during the relocation. Those moving long-distance should start going through their homes about eight weeks in advance of the move. Anything that won't be used for the next two months should be separated and labeled so there's no confusion on the big day.

Manage Correspondence

Moving companies have to deal with a number of schedule changes. A big storm across the country may delay trucks for days, and there's little homeowners can do about it. This is why all homeowners need to stay on top of all correspondence before and during the move. Movers will typically list contingency plans in their fine print, so buyers may either want to do their research or ask questions directly to their contact. Buyers should research companies based on everything from their terms and conditions to their reviews. Going solely on price alone may prove to be a mistake if boxes are delayed by several weeks.

Preparing the Home

About a month before the move, buyers should tackle the following tasks:

  • Separating valuables (preferably placing them in a safe)
  • Filling out change-of-addresses for individual parties (e.g., DMV, etc.)
  • Measuring the size of the furniture

Thinking It Through

Moving isn't necessarily difficult, but it can quickly become overwhelming. The best approach is to think through all possible scenarios. Buyers will need to defrost the freezer before loading it into the moving truck. They'll need to ensure all necessities are at the ready, even if the movers are delayed by several days. Vehicles should get a tune-up so there's less chance of a tire blowout or a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Create a Manifest

A manifest may be required for Canadian residents moving to other countries. This list will declare all possessions to limit the transport of illicit materials. However, even those who aren't moving to a different country may want to create a manifest. Having an official list of what's included in the move can make it easier to determine if anything went missing along the way. It's not unusual for moving companies to miss a box or an item when traveling long distances, so having a fail-safe can be useful if a dispute arises.

Moving long distances is challenging even to professional movers. Because each home and individual is different, it can be difficult to think through every possible mishap. These tips give people a starting point to create their own to-do list that works for them.

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