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20 Things to do in Calgary when it Rains

Posted by on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 at 4:26pm.

Rainy Day Activities to do in CalgaryThe rate of rainfall in Calgary is not as much as in other parts of Canada, but it is quite substantial. A rainy day can seem never-ending if one does not have the activities to occupy their time indoors. Many activities can be undertaken to make the day fun and worthwhile. One may have to travel, but the experience will be worth it. Some of the activities include:

Explore the Sentry Box

The Sentry box is a "heaven" for old school, non-electronic gaming. Given that it is Canada's largest game store, one can be assured of a wide selection of over 100,000 of games that will leave the day's gloom outside the store. One cannot go wrong with the Sentry Box, a place for gamers by gamers.

Shelf Life Books

If one is a voracious reader or even just looking for a unique book, then Shelf Life Books Store is the venue to spend a rainy day. Readings by authors and spirited talks occur at the store. They have a great selection of books, and one may find a kindred spirit while rummaging through the shelves.

Visit the Library

The Calgary Public Library is a family gathering place with something for all. The structure itself is a sight to behold, and the collection inside is just as marvelous. The library serves people of all ages and includes a performance hall for those who are not in the library for the books.

Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum plays host to a myriad of historical pieces of art, books, and artifacts from all over the world with an archive to match the best. There are also minerals and precious stones that should catch one's eye. The museum displays show the history of various cultures predominantly the one surrounding it.

The Nickle Arts Museum

Given its relationship with the University of Calgary, the Nickle Arts Museum offers visitors an incredible learning experience.The museum presents the best of contemporary Canadian art with a library whose collections one can never finish perusing. The best part is that it is free to visit the museum and should be quite empty if it's raining.

Esker Foundation

The Esker Foundation's art gallery will not only amaze but will also instigate a conversation among its visitors. The exhibitions change depending on the seasons, and one is assured of groundbreaking art. Admission to the gallery is free and perennial with enough space for the largest of art lovers' congregations.

The Aero Space Museum of Calgary

If one loves airplanes, their design, beauty, and contribution to modern society, then the Aero Space Museum of Calgaryshould be a thrill. The museum hosts events such as birthday parties and aviation movie nights with educational school programs for future aviation specialists. One goes in an aviation enthusiast and comes out a museum member.

TELUS Spark Science Centre

If one ever wanted to see science come alive, then TELUS Spark Science Centre is the place to visit. The venue host science camps, birthday parties, sleepovers, workshops, and school programs. The center is an educational hub with loads of entertaining activities to discover and explore on a rainy day out.

Play at the Tennis Academy

If one has ever wanted to learn how to play tennis or to take their tennis skills to a new level, then the Tennis Academy of Calgary is a venue one must visit. They have plenty of indoor courts which are perfect for a rainy day. The academy has lessons, camps, and programs for players at all levels with world class coaching.

Work on your Game at the National Golf Academy

Almost anyone would rather be swinging a golf club on a warm sunny day. However, if the rain decides to fall, the National Golf Academy at Calgary should give one an opportunity for professional instruction in an indoor arena. There all fancy golfing equipment should be safe from the rain, and the mud.

Climb at Crux Climbing and Bouldering

Climbing is impossible on a rainy day unless you enjoy falling and breaking one's bones. The Crux Climbing and Boulderinggym is one of the tallest gyms in the country with a fun environment that should help one enjoy climbing and improve their skills. With 3000sq.ft of bouldering, it is hard to miss the gym look for the 100ft tall building.

Visit the Talisman Centre

McKenzie Towne Stampede Breakfast - Image Credit:

Whether one is an established athlete looking to improve their performance or a citizen seeking to work on their fitness, theTalisman Centre is the place to accomplish their goal. Their world-class facilities and instruction should provide an excellent array of activities to do on a rainy day in Calgary.

Skate at Markin MacPhail Centre

Any member of the public can drop in to skate at the Markin MacPhail Centre. If you love skating, it offers an opportunity for some fun while for beginners, leaving the center with your bum throbbing is not uncommon. Ensure to acquire the correct gear to maintain safety for all.

Take a Brewery Tour

Beer lovers will love touring the breweries around Calgary and sampling all the beers on offer. Breweries such as the Minhas Micro Brewery or the Wild Rose Brewery often have planned tours for guests. Craft brewery is rapidly growing in Calgary and a rainy day is a perfect day for exploration.

Enjoy a Cooking Class

Someone's skills in the kitchen could need improving for a variety of reasons be it to eat healthier, home-cooked meals or to get to a man's heart. For whatever reason, places such as Atco Blue Flame Kitchen and Poppy Innovations will be happy to give you a lesson, for a price.

Sample Cheese at Janice Beaton Fine Cheese

Janice Beaton Fine Cheese experiments with different types of chose to come up with new and exciting cheese flavors. Her macaroni and cheese are famous for good reason. Not only can one eat cheese, but they can also get lessons on how to make cheese themselves.

Visit the Elevation Place

Few indoor playgrounds in Canada can match the Elevation Place with a humongous pool, a fitness gym, fields, and indoor rock climbing. Some instructors conduct fitness programs, and there is a drop in schedule for non-members. If it's raining outside and want to remain active, the Elevation Place is the optimal venue.

Take in a Movie at the Globe

The Globe Cinema has been screening independent and art house movies for over 20 years. There are always new releases of films one will never see elsewhere and should be entertaining.

Head out for Bowling

One can visit Mountain View Bowling for five or ten pin bowling. The place had a retro décor that gives it a feel of authenticity. One can even play glow in the dark bowling that should prove exciting.

Tour a Local Mansion

The best mansion to visit in Calgary is the Lougheed House. The house is not only a historic site but also has beautiful vegetable and flower gardens. One could also have a meal at the restaurant located within the premises.

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