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How to Plan a Year's Worth of Home Maintenance

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 7:18am.

Seasonal Home Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Should Do Each YearThe type of maintenance that homeowners need to perform for their properties is often dependent on the time of year. The cost, details, and location of necessary maintenance relates closely to the weather. Creating a calendar checklist helps people prepare for times that they will need to do more work. It also makes it easier to spread out the workload, so that they have more time for leisurely pursuits. This guide helps homeowners identify the home maintenance tasks they need to do throughout the year, organized by season.

Preparing for Home Maintenance and Upgrades

Experts suggest that homeowners plan to invest 1-5 percent of their property's value in home maintenance and upgrades each year. This can be a wide range from year to year, depending on the value of the home, its age, and condition. As a general rule, homeowners should expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars. If they do not put in the effort and money, they may end up deferring maintenance that accumulates and causes damage to the home over time. Planning in advance helps to mitigate some of the effect of maintenance tasks and improvements that tend to cost more, like a roof or plumbing replacement.


The chief goal of spring maintenance is to make a safe transition from winter to warmer weather. The spring thaw has a tendency to bring up any forgotten tasks that should have been done before the cold weather hit. Wise homeowners will know to take action quickly, to prevent leaks or flooding as the snow melts. Common spring responsibilities include:

  • Clear roof and gutters of leaves and debris
  • Perform a rough inspection of the roof condition, looking for missing or damaged shingles
  • Ensure downspouts point away from the house
  • Look for signs of puddling water on the property
  • Test operation of sump pump, if applicable
  • Finalize plans for landscaping
  • Check that sprinkler system is working properly
  • Inspect and service air conditioning unit
  • Power wash windows, decks, and porches

Some of these tasks need to be done on a warm day, or after the snow has completely melted.


Summer often feels like the season where homeowners have to do the most, even if this is not true for everyone. This is partially due to landscaping maintenance, which grows much more quickly during the summer. Otherwise, it relates to the need to maximize work done during good weather. Although a significant portion of responsibilities need to be done in spring and autumn, there are many things homeowners can do in the summer, such as:

  • Maintain landscaping by mowing lawns, gardening, and pruning
  • Clean and condition outdoor furniture for use
  • Inspect foundation for cracks, water leaks, or other signs of damage
  • Touch up paint on the building exterior
  • Deep-clean home interior, including flooring, walls, and fixtures
  • Complete indoor upgrades that require open windows or doors, like painting or installing flooring
  • Identify and treat rodent or insect infestations

Keeping the summer tasks in check helps to ensure that people have less to do to catch up before autumn.


The changing weather dictates work that prepares the home for winter. Homeowners need to ensure that the property is in good shape before snow and ice make it harder to access certain parts of the structure. These tasks include:

  • Rake leaves from the lawn
  • Empty hoses and sprinkler system
  • Put away outdoor furniture and gear
  • Clear and clean gutters
  • Clean and inspect siding for loose panels or cracks
  • Add caulking and weather-stripping to windows and doors
  • Prepare to shut off air conditioning unit
  • Service furnace
  • Clean and inspect condition of chimneys
  • Change batteries in thermostat and smoke detectors, as needed

Homeowners may want to do as many of these jobs as they can in advance, especially if they live in an area where snow and icy weather arrives early. People should plan to keep up with exterior maintenance until then, especially the roof. Clogged gutters can cause significant damage to the structure, and they are generally easy to prevent with regular cleaning.


The arrival of winter tends to produce responsibilities that come in fits and starts. This means that homeowners might have a lot to do some weeks, and practically nothing in others. They should anticipate the following jobs:

  • Clear snow and ice from roof
  • Shovel show from walkways and driveways
  • Ensure a clear path around garage and doors
  • Inspect basement for water leaks
  • Watch for signs of frozen pipes, like low water pressure
  • Clean and inspect indoor appliances, like the refrigerator or oven
  • Start planning the next year's gardening or landscaping
  • Set a schedule for future home improvements

These steps will help homeowners get to spring with minimal stress.

Keeping up with South Calgary home maintenance is a responsibility that takes all year. By following these seasonal tasks, people can preserve a good condition for their homes, and ensure that they do not face a backlog.

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