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How to Get the Most from Your Customer Service

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 9:10am.

Why Customer Service in Real Estate Is So ImportantThere is no such thing as perfection when it comes to customer service in real estate. Some agents may have mastered their skills more than others, but it's always going to be a never-ending quest to get right. Yet those agents that take the time to learn from their mistakes are usually the same ones who end up with a very long and fruitful career.

Committing to Your Craft

It's easy to be pleasant when there's only one fire to put out every few months. But in customer service, agents and those dealing with the public need to be ready to handle crisis after crisis without losing their cool. Those who find themselves starting to crumble after their first major issue may find it hard to handle the next one. Decisions like whether to buy a home or continue to rent are major decisions people often have to make.

Real estate agents and those serving the public with great customer service should celebrate their victories. But be aware when stress is starting to take its toll, so they don't show their frustration or anger in front of others, especially a customer or client.

Remember The Clients & Customers

Whether buying a home or simply needing good customer service, clients or customers are under some pressure as they are being asked to make a decision to buy something. And when buying something more expensive than most, most home buyers are probably very stressed indeed. Agents and customer service representatives should reduce their own frustration by recognizing that no matter what their clients may do, it's almost certainly not personal.

The more someone can do to make things easier for a client or customer, the more likely it is everyone can work together and see things from each others point of view. This may mean doing more legwork, boiling down the issues, or reassuring clients about their decisions.

Provide Resources for Your Client

Clients want to understand every step of the process to make the most of their real estate journey. You can best meet their needs by providing resources for your clients every step of the way. With the sharing of these resources, you can help optimize the experience of buying and selling real estate in your local market.

The resources provided to homebuyers and sellers should help them prep for the purchase and sales process. They may appreciate the help learning how to take out a mortgage, meet the loan terms and complete the closing process. Your clients may also want to learn how to best organize their finances and stay on track to make it through closing without an issue. No matter what they face, give your clients the resources they need to keep them working toward their real estate goals.

Ask Questions

Clients and customers typically need to discuss where they're coming from and what they may want. This is normal and very much expected. For example, a new home buyer may want reassurance that the home choice they made is the correct one. A customer or client will need the confidence and reassurance that the decisions they make are the correct ones after looking at all of the available options.

The best customer service is that which looks effortless. It's effortless because it's genuine. Agents and those working with the public in the North West Calgary neighborhood, should not only enjoy what they are doing, but show a confident level of experience and well-being in all types of customer service.

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