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Bow River Views: Luxury Waterfront Home Construction Styles for Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, March 28th, 2022 at 11:15am.

Construction Styles that Maximize Water Views

One of the greatest joys of owning a luxury waterfront home is the views it provides the owner, their family members, and visiting guests. Water views should be a top priority when a new waterfront home is built or an existing one is renovated. Unrestricted water view features can reduce stress, whether homeowners live next to a lake, an inlet, an ocean, or a river. Homes with waterfront views also make a statement about the owner's lifestyle and priorities. Keep reading to discover tips for maximizing water views when constructing a new home.

Windows Should Face the Water

This tip seems very obvious, but there is more to it than building a home with more windows. The way the house is oriented on the property makes a big difference, which homebuyers should consider during the planning stages. The rear of the home (away from the streetside or driveway) should be situated towards the water, as doing so presents a large amount of surface space to face the water.

Go big when it comes to windows on the water-facing side of the home! Expansive windows stretching from floor to ceiling, or at least knee-level to ceiling, offer the most incredible views of the water and its landscape. A large sliding glass door leading to the back patio presents the opportunity for even more glass and viewing. Corner windows can provide an even wider angle, so the water is always in the background from the back of the house. Another advantage of expansive glass windows is that they provide more natural light for the home's interior.

Use an Open Floor Plan

An open interior floor plan minimizes the number of walls or columns to create even easier ways to view the water. An example of this would be a home with a kitchen, dining room, and living room or great room in the rear of the house (closest to the water) with no walls separating them. No matter which part of this space a person is in, they should be able to look out a window and see the water. It can create a nice "wow" moment for guests when the front door opens, and they can see the body of water through the windows at the back of the home.

Whether a person is cooking a meal, enjoying it in the dining room, or relaxing in the living room, they should have a great view of the water. The same goes for any bedroom or home office on the second story if it is a two-story home.

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Create a Unique Outdoor Space

Outdoor Living Spaces Make Enjoying Water Views EasyOwners are more likely to utilize the outdoor spaces around the home if designed invitingly. Stepping outside the house is also the best way to gain a completely unrestricted view of the water. The outdoor areas can include second-floor balconies for upstairs bedrooms or a deck or patio in the backyard. A redwood deck can enhance the home's rustic feel if that is the design the owner wants to achieve. A patio constructed with cobblestone tiles can work better for a modern-style home or a country cottage motif. Place comfortable furniture and tables on the deck to ensure that people will want to use that space during nice weather.

Homeowners also need to consider the landscaping in their backyard when constructing a waterfront home. Remember, the backyard is between the house and the water. If the landscaping includes a dramatic centrepiece, it will draw the human eye toward that first rather than the water. A fountain, swimming pool, or other backyard feature should be placed toward one side of the property, rather than the main focus that can distract from the water.

Understand Where You Spend the Most Time

The design phase of a waterfront home is an excellent time for buyers to take stock of where they plan to spend the most time. That is because rooms can be "switched" during this phase, allowing rooms that will be used more often to be placed on the side facing the water. For example, if an owner does not plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it could be situated towards the front of the house. If an owner intends to have a home office, it could be placed on the side facing the water or away from it if it's too distracting.

Take the time to assess every room in the home and its priority in terms of viewing the water, from the bedrooms to a reading room/library or a den. If a room will not see much use compared to others, it does not need to be situated facing the water. The point is to maximize the views of the water and the amount of time the owner and household members will want those views.

Plan a Waterfront Home With Careful Consideration

Homebuyers should put extra time and care into designing and planning a waterfront home. Doing so will allow owners to maximize the window surface area and prioritize the stunning views inside the house. The home's outdoor spaces should also be considered to make them more inviting. A luxury waterfront home is no small investment, so it deserves extra attention during the planning stage.

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