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Calgary Neighbourhoods: Calgary, AB Neighbourhoods and Districts Guide

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 at 4:16pm.

Neighborhoods and Districts in Calgary

With nearly 1.3 million residents, Calgary is Alberta's largest city by population. Calgary can be found in the southern region of the province and is also the largest city in all of western Canada.

Calgary is known for both a bustling, active retail and business district, as well as its natural beauty, with over 20,000 acres of public parkland.

Although Calgary is home to some of Canada's most expensive neighbourhoods and most luxurious homes, the city offers a variety of housing types, architectural styles, and price points. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods offer proximity to retail and entertainment districts. If you're looking for a guide to Calgary neighbourhoods and districts, read on for a good overview of what Calgary has to offer.

Quadrants of Calgary

The various neighbourhoods within Calgary are often referred to by location within four geographical quadrants, making it easier to learn about the city's many, ever-changing communities and neighbourhoods.

The primary quadrants are Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast, although these are sometimes further subdivided into additional geographical districts within these main quadrants.

Northwest Calgary is home to over 40 primary neighbourhoods, including Arbour Lake, Rocky Ridge, and Tuscany. Northeast Calgary includes about 35 primary neighbourhoods, including Livingston, Abbeydale, and Park Ridge Estates.

The Southwest quadrant contains about 14 distinct neighbourhoods, including Shawnee Slopes, Woodbine, and Bridlewood. In Southeast Calgary, there are about 28 distinct communities, including Fairview, Sundance, and McKenzie Lake.

The four primary geographical quadrants have now expanded beyond the inner city limits to include many of the newer communities and suburbs.

Northwest Calgary

Northwest Calgary Zip Codes

  • T2K
  • T2N
  • T3G
  • T3R
  • T2L
  • T3A
  • T3K
  • T2M
  • T3B
  • T3L

Considered to be among the largest of the four quadrants, the Northwest Calgary quadrant is an expansive district populated with residential neighbourhoods and modern suburbs, as well as ample green spaces.

Residents here can enjoy the sprawling Nose Hill Park, which features grassy trails, off-leash dog areas, magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains, and plenty of opportunity for wildlife sightings, small mammals in particular. Nose Hill Park is one of the largest urban parks in Canada, covering over 11 square kilometres.

Additional parkland can be found alongside the prominent Bow River. Bowness Park includes a lagoon, which has become a popular spot for boating in the summer as well as ice-skating in winter. The area is also home to a number of shopping malls.

In addition to all its recreational opportunities and retail options, Northwest Calgary is also the location of one of Canada's top research universities, University of Calgary. The campus spans over 530 acres and houses 250,000 undergrads and 5,000 grad students. Most of its buildings were constructed between the 1960s and 1980s, and feature Brutalist and Postmodern architecture.

The Northwest quadrant is generally defined as west of the combination of Centre Street/Harvest Hills Boulevard, and north of a combination of the Bow River, Sarcee Trail, and Highway 1.

Northwest Calgary Neighbourhoods

Northwest Calgary consists of about 40 to 50 distinct residential neighbourhoods. Tuscany was established in 1994, and its location on a plateau provides breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains as well as the cityscape. Arbour Lake is still in development, but is expected to eventually be home to about 11,000 residents.

Northwest Calgary is known for its expansive recreational opportunities and greenspace, due in large part to Nose Hill Park, as well as the number of other parks dotting the area, particularly along Bow River. Many of its neighbourhoods offer commercial and retail districts that enable residents the convenience of having necessities close at hand.

List of Northwest Calgary Neighborhoods

Northeast Calgary

Northeast Calgary Zip Codes

  • T1Y
  • T3J
  • T2A
  • T3N
  • T2E

Northeast Calgary features scenic prairie landscape and wide, open skies. The quadrant is known for providing its residents with the best of both worlds: secluded rural areas that allows residents to get away from the sights and sounds of the city, as well as the convenience of nearby retail, dining, and entertainment. Shopping opportunities include major shopping centres like Sunridge Mall, CrossIron Mall, and Pacific Place Mall—not to mention plenty of grocery market options.

Northeast Calgary also offers an abundance of outdoor recreation, with 95 acres of parks and playgrounds, as well as 14 kilometres of regional walking trails through protected wetlands and wildlife habitats.

Northeast Calgary is also home to busy and bustling neighbourhoods, many of them with strong international influences, adding to the many positive things that the Northeast quadrant of the city has to offer prospective residents.

In addition to its residential and business districts, Northeast Calgary is home to the Calgary International Airport, offering residents of the quadrant quick and easy access, should they want to escape Calgary's chilly winters. The airport is the fourth busiest in the country and serves as headquarters for WestJet.

The Northeast quadrant is usually defined as being east of a combination of Centre Street/Harvest Hills Boulevard and north of a combination of the Bow River, Canadian Pacific rail line, Centre Avenue, and Memorial Drive.

Northeast Calgary Neighbourhoods

Northeast Calgary is home to around 35 distinct residential neighbourhoods. Cornerstone offers residents easy access to Stoney Trail and is just 10 minutes to the airport. Bridgeland is known for its unique village vibe and gourmet food and is one of Calgary's oldest neighbourhoods.

The Northeast quadrant is a vast district with a number of attractions, including the TELUS Spark science centre as well as the Calgary Zoo. Residents can enjoy several shopping complexes, restaurants, golf courses, and city parks. It is also home to the Hangar Flight Museum of rare aircraft.

List of Northeast Calgary Neighborhoods

Southwest Calgary

Southwest Calgary Zip Codes

  • T2V
  • T3C
  • T2S
  • T2W
  • T3E
  • T2G
  • T2Y
  • T3H

Southwest Calgary is the location for many of the province's major attractions, from a premier sports training facility to a world-class equestrian centre.

The 1988 Winter Olympics was held here, with the large park and complex now home to Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, the Naturbahn Teahouse, a zip line, an ice rink facility, and newly built athletic complex.

For those who prefer equestrian sports, Southwest Calgary is also home to Spruce Meadows, a world-renown equestrian venue, hosting equine events throughout the year. The facility also serves as a venue for other events, such as the International Christmas Market and the annual garden show.

Southwest Calgary is home to Heritage Park, a recreation of a pioneer village, which also offers a magnificent view of Glenmore Reservoir. The reservoir is a man-made urban lake and adds beauty to the area. There are a number of smaller parks, such as Edworthy Park, which features picnic spots as well as walking paths.

The Southwest quadrant of Calgary is also where people will find the city's largest shopping complex, Chinook Centre, located at Macleod Trail SW and Glenmore Trail. A major shopping destination since the early 1960s, the complex recently expanded with a high-fashion section.

The quadrant is typically defined as south of a combination of the Bow River, Sarcee Trail, and Highway 1, and west of a combination of Centre Street, Canadian Pacific rail line, Macleod Trail, and Sheriff King Street.

Southwest Calgary Neighbourhoods

Southwest Calgary contains about 14 distinct neighbourhoods. The Bridlewood neighbourhood is known for its proximity adjacent to Spruce Meadows equestrian facility, where residents enjoy shopping, golf, and restaurants. Woodbine was developed in 1980 and is set adjacent to Fish Creek Park.

Southwest Calgary is home to many of the city's largest attractions, from a major sports complex to a world-class equestrian centre. It also offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, with plenty of parks, walking trails, and greenspace. Additionally, the quadrant features a number of shopping options, including the city's largest retail shopping complex.

List of Southwest Calgary Neighborhoods

Southeast Calgary

Southeast Calgary Zip Codes

  • T2B
  • T2J
  • T3M
  • T2C
  • T2X
  • T3S
  • T2H
  • T2Z

Southeast Calgary is a large district of mostly residential neighbourhoods and scenic parkland following the edge of the Bow River. Like much of Calgary, the Southeast quadrant offers residents a mix of city and rural living. Southeast Calgary boasts more lakeside communities and waterfront homes than any of the other three quadrants.

Southeast Calgary is known for its many green spaces, playgrounds, picnic spots, and recreation along the Bow River. The neighbourhoods are diverse in vibe, from vibrant Mahogany and Quarry Park to laid-back Mahogany, home of one of the city's largest man-made lakes.

The quadrant includes Fish Creek Provincial Park, a popular destination for residents and visitors alike, due to its many trails and opportunity to view birdlife, like great blue herons.

The indoor Calgary Farmers' Market is located in Southeast Calgary. It offers produce, meat, and hot snacks. Shopping includes Southcentre Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Calgary with over 190 stores.

The Southeast quadrant is typically defined as lying south of a combination of the Bow River, a Canadian Pacific rail line, Centre Avenue, and Memorial Drive, and east of a combination of Centre Street, a Canadian Pacific rail line, Macleod Trail, and Sheriff King Street.

Southeast Calgary Neighbourhoods

The Southeast quadrant is the location for about 28 neighbourhoods. Auburn Bay offers residents a lake cottage lifestyle as well as proximity to Seton's Urban District for shopping, entertainment, and more. Inglewood is home to many breweries, antique shops, and boutiques.

Southeast Calgary has traditionally been known as the city's industrial hub, but this varied district is also home to many of the city's waterfront communities, thanks to a combination of man-made and natural lakes and rivers. There are many parks and walking trails for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as proximity to shopping, entertainment, and dining.

List of Southeast Calgary Neighborhoods

Visit These Neighbourhoods in Calgary Today

As a large metro area, Calgary has many diverse residential districts. Many parts of the city offer combinations of greenspace and wide, open spaces, as well as proximity to shopping, entertainment, and a variety of dining experiences.

Although known for the largest rodeo in the world, the city of Calgary is also a modern urban centre, rich with art and culture, community festivals, history, and sports. Residents are able to enjoy the area's natural beauty and spectacular views of the Canadian Rockies. If you'd like more information on Calgary's neighbourhoods and districts, contact the Justin Havre team of RE/MAX First with Calgary Homes at 403-217-0003 to talk to an agent who can help you find which neighbourhood might be the right fit for you.

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