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4 Hacks For Moving in to Your Calgary High-Rise Condo

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, November 29th, 2021 at 9:44am.

Tips for Moving Into Your New Calgary High-Rise Condo

Life is pretty sweet in Calgary, and the city is one of Canada's most famous for numerous reasons. It is a major component of the oil industry, and events like the annual Stampede have attracted over a million full-time residents. The Economist has dubbed Calgary as one of the most livable cities in the world for 7-plus years, giving it top scores for healthcare, education, and stability for residents.

The Calgary housing market is stable, and mortgage rates are reasonable. As many people are downsizing and rightsizing, high-rise condos in Calgary are widely popular. Condo prices have dropped a mere 1% and average $258K, so they are a good option for both buyers and investors. However, there's one difference between high-rise and low-rise condos that buyers might not think about: moving into a high-rise condo comes with unique challenges along with the perks and amenities they afford tenants. Here are some tips for easing such a move.

Make Sure to Book the Move Well Ahead of Moving Day

For any move, booking reservations for professional full-service movers or other providers as early as possible streamlines the experience. Yet, there's a special set of circumstances that can make early booking paramount in high-rise condo communities. There are specific rules and regulations set by management in high-rises to think about, and many are things that wouldn't be an issue with routine moves.

High-rises often require tenants to book elevators for freight hauls to their floor, which may only be available on certain days or hours. Booking ahead prevents running into issues on moving day that could cause delays and extra expenses—not to mention the hassle. Before booking movers and trucks, discuss any rules such as these with the property's management.

Inquire about whether multiple parking spots or a loading dock can be reserved to simplify loading and unloading. This will be fantastic for those moving large, heavy items or who have a big truckload. Knowing any rules for moving in or out beforehand and making reservations early is likely to save a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Measure Everything—Even the Elevator!

Of course, it is important to make sure that the condo is large enough for the occupants, but what about the furniture? While one may have a good idea from a provided floor plan or remember a few estimated space calculations when viewing the condo, taking measurements of everything being moved and areas items will be moved through is a must.

This means knowing how big freight elevators are, how wide hallways and angles are, and what size any corners that need to be turned on the way to the unit's door are. Then there's the issue of what to do once items get inside. More measuring within the interior is also essential. Knowing what furniture will go where is only realistic after measuring its size before placement.

The goal is not to bother taking up things that won't fit or work well in the high-rise condo. While every single detail doesn't have to be finalized beforehand, buyers with a plan in place will get moved faster and be able to plan for new furniture if needed.

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Now is a Great Time Downsize in Volume and Weight

How to Move into a High-Rise CondoIt's fairly common for the typical high-rise condo to be smaller than the typical single-family home. This means that downsizing before moving may be necessary. Even if it is not needed for space purposes, getting rid of a few belongings to lighten the load can really make the move simpler and less costly both financially and time-wise.

Remember, heavy furniture and bulky, oversized items can be tricky for even experienced movers in high-rise situations. They'll also likely cost you more when service providers charge by weight or the number of storeys that must be covered. Sell expensive goods that are no longer wanted, and donate others to friends, relatives, or a charitable organization for a tax deduction.

Many who move into a high-rise condo in Calgary opt for lightweight pieces and feature clean lines that work well in traditionally designed rooms and near full walls of windows. Though, of course, there are many ways to style a Calgary condo! Even though all of those details may be somewhat flexible, having a solid downsizing plan eases the transition.

Professional Expertise is Valuable During High-Rise Moves

The management company or seller of the unit can be an invaluable resource for not only finding out the rules but also getting tips on moving companies who have experience moving into the high-rise community. Movers who know the layout of the building, time and date restrictions, and where the best parking is for the job can definitely help alleviate the stress of the entire situation.

Going at it without professionals might not even be an option, as some communities require licensed and insured movers to handle these transitions. This is generally to ensure a swift move that doesn't result in structural damage or excessive noise and to cut back on traffic in common areas such as elevators and hallways. Movers can handle logistics from point A to point B and may even provide complete services from wrapping, packing, and loading to unloading, unpacking, and assembling furniture.

Find the Perfect Calgary High-Rise Condo & Move With Ease

Be prepared for any challenges that moving into a Calgary high-rise condo can pose by making reservations for service providers and with the condo management ASAP. Know what will fit to avoid making unnecessary trips with furniture that won't work. Get the pros to come in and offer tips and do the hard work, so you can get comfortable living in your new home a bit faster and start enjoying the perks of life in Calgary within your new high-rise community.

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