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What to Consider Before Beginning a Home AdditionAn addition to a home is an exciting way to improve the resale value and potentially the quality of life for everyone inside. Whether it's a sunroom, a second bathroom, or a full second story, homeowners have so many options from which to choose. However, there are also a few important things to note before calling a remodeling crew. For a better idea of how to navigate a new home addition, keep the following in mind before moving forward.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Hard Truth

Not all homes need an addition, but homeowners may ignore this because they're caught up in the fun of remodeling. Homeowners may be able to satisfy

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Selling Rural Property Selling a home in a rural area can be a challenge. Rural areas typically attract fewer potential buyers than urban or suburban homes, so finding the right buyer for your rural property may take finesse. With some planning and a little creative thinking, you can bring more people interested in buying a rural home and potentially speed up selling a home in the country.

Make Your Home Easy to Locate

Rural routes are not always well marked, and the streets are not always named. Buyers who cannot find your home may give up or get lost on the way to your property. Making it easier to find your home will remove some of the burdens from potential buyers.

  • Mark Roads Clearly: Put up signs on roads that lack clear signage. Clear away any brush
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Symptoms of a Housing BubbleUttering the words "housing bubble" is enough to make any real estate agent or interested real estate investor shudder. It conjures up images of the great real estate bubble burst of the new Millennium, which ushered in the Great Recession and brought along with it one of the worst housing markets in history.

Fortunately, most housing bubbles are not this drastic and these real estate phenomenon is actually more common than most people think. These are the common signs and symptoms that are associated with a housing bubble.

Cost of Living Increases Faster than Wages

Inflation is often a warning sign of many economic conditions, including a housing bubble. When the cost of living rises faster than wages, people are often forced to rely on

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Multi Generational Home Buying When you walk into a person's home, you expect to see the young kids running through the house playing games. One spouse may be cooking the family dinner in the kitchen while the other is in the home office finishing up work before the weekend arrives. Yet family dynamics have changed over the past decade. It is no longer frowned upon to see the thirty-something young adult still living at home with their parents or find the aging parents living out their retirement years with their adult children, and when several generations live in one household like this, it is what is called multigenerational living.

Multigenerational homes have now become the norm.

Reasons for Multigenerational Households

There are several factors spurring the

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Taxes to Remember When Selling a Canada Vacation HomeCanadian homeowners need to be aware of the taxation rules and regulations that may apply upon when selling a second home. A Canadian resident may have to pay the IRS when owning a property in the US or be prepared for a capital gains tax for a vacation home in Canada. Get an idea of the tax obligations for Canadian residents and property owners looking to sell a vacation home.

Preparing in advance may reduce certain tax obligations. As Canadian and American tax law frequently changes, it is best to consult with a professional for the latest advice on selling and paying taxes on a vacation property. Learn more about the tax obligations when a Canadian homeowner chooses to move forward with selling a home.

Are You a Canadian Homeowner with

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What You Need to Know Before Choosing a MortgageInterest rates not only vary depending on the type of loan a home buyer chooses, but they also vary on the location and the lender. Before a buyer is even pre-qualified for a certain loan amount, it helps to understand how interest rates will affect the long-term financial repercussions of the mortgage. Home buyers have a few important factors to consider before settling on a mortgage and rate that works for them.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

A Look at Interest Rates

A conventional loan is one that usually requests at least 20% of the home's total value as a down payment from the buyer along with a good credit history. The 20%

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Where to Buy a Home Finding the right house can really make a place feel like home, but it isn't just about the physical building itself. It's also about the location. Real estate agents talk about location all the time, and about how important it is for most people. There's a reason for that. Location matters.

Wondering how to find the right house to buy? To find the very best location (Langdon homes for sale, perhaps?) for your new home, ask yourself these questions.

1) Are Schools a Factor in Your Search?

Having children is a big responsibility, and sending them to good schools can help give them the right start in life. Choosing a location near a good school can be a great way to provide the best educational opportunities for your child. Carefully research

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Mid Century Bungalows in Calgary Mid-Century Modern is a new trend in home décor.  What’s old is new again or at least, has a new spin.  The same holds true for homes constructed mid-century in Calgary.  You take that design, renovate and model and you have a modern, Mid-Century home.

The 1950’s building boom in Calgary occurred after the government’s scramble to put up good but cheap housing for returning war heroes.  It was the 1950s when the concept of the car-centric suburb really took hold.  Homes had front driveways or garages off the lane. Homes were larger, most often with three bedrooms with large front and back yards.  Shopping plazas had plenty of space out front to park cars and the corner-store concept started to die. New communities popped up faster than the city

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Calgary New Parents Having a child comes with enormous responsibility.  Many new parents have to navigate all that heavy-duty decision making with ease – some completely stress out.  Where to live is one of those life decisions that many don’t take lightly. 

When it comes to choosing the best neighbourhood for their new family, today’s new Calgary parents take many factors into account.  Where once a generation of parents based their decision on proximity to schools and churches, today’s young people want the whole lifestyle package.  Schools are important but with so many programs of choice in Calgary’s private, public and separate streams, the location of the school isn’t always that important.  

Parents want parks, playgrounds, bike paths, bike lanes,

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Calgary Inner City Neighbourhoods

Looking to move to the inner-city neighbourhoods in Calgary? There are many things that make inner-city Calgary neighbourhoods a beautiful place to live.

Most people choose Calgary inner-city living because of the location. They want to be close to the action rather than way out in the suburbs. 

Each community offers that great, sought-after location but there are other big attractions to many of Calgary’s inner-city neighbourhoods.

Elbow Park

Located west of Elbow Dr SW and within walking distance of downtown, the Elbow Park community is where the Glencoe Club is located and the historic Christ Anglican Church.  Church bells peel out over the neighbourhood every Sunday and the extra-wide sidewalks with grassy boulevards make Elbow

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