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5 Real Estate Agents You Should HireHiring a real estate agent is one of the best things someone can do when it comes to selling a home or buying a new one, but with how many agents are available to hire, it can seem overwhelming when trying to find a place to start. Here are five different types of real estate agents all buyers and sellers should keep an eye out for when searching for someone to work with to buy a home in North Calgary or elsewhere.

1. The Realistic Visionary

When it comes to selling a home, it's vital to have a good idea of what it's worth, and when talking to potential real estate agents to hire, asking for their opinion on the home's value is essential. One agent may say the home can fetch $200,000, and another may say $205,000. But if a third says they can

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Importance of Acting Quickly When Addressing MouldThe dangers of mould are all too real for today's homeowners and their families. This often invisible and silent threat can cause serious damage to a home's structural integrity and source numerous health issues to humans and pets. Mould in the home isn't always readily apparent to the eye, but the body may realize it sooner rather than later. Individuals with mould sensitivity or allergies are likely to experience increased asthmatic symptoms, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing, sore throat and/or headaches. While leaving mould untreated will cause structural damage, too, the health risks of mould to humans are reason enough to act fast with a mould inspection and remediation if necessary.

Structural Signs of Mould in the Home

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Waste Water Treatment in House Septic systems are common in rural areas and less so in cities and towns like Calgary. Many people who move to the country from a larger community know little about septic systems and what to expect.

If you’re thinking about moving into a home with a septic tank, it’s important to understand how a septic system works and what kind of maintenance is involved.

Septic Systems Vs. Sewers

A sewer is an underground channel that connects your home to your community’s water treatment facility. Homeowners who use sewers are only responsible for maintaining the sewer line that runs beneath their own property, and most sewers need little to no regular maintenance.

A septic tank is an underground tank connected to a drain field. All waste water

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Should You Use a Drone to Help Sell Your HomeEmploying a drone to sell a home can be a fantastic way to show off the extent and condition of a property. Instead of just photographing the koi pond in the backyard, homeowners can now display aerial footage so home buyers can see how that pond fits into the rest of the land. As the cost of the technology drops, drones have become useful for more than just showcasing million-dollar homes. Learn more about how homeowners can use a drone to their advantage to attract serious buyers.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Assessing Your Property

Single-family homes are usually discouraged from using drones because they may not sell for

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The Top Fruit Trees to Grow in CalgaryLet's face it – Calgary ain't the Okanagan. Orchards aren't our thing because spring doesn't always come early, summer heat waves are too spotty and our evenings are always on the cool side. Any green thumb gardener knows that there are certain things that just don't do well in our climate. Watermelon, for example.

But we love our flowering trees and the resulting fruit. It's just a matter of find the right kind of tree and perhaps changing our expectations of what Alberta fruit really is. There's nothing like fresh fruit that's you've grown in your own back yard. In the first half of the last century, preserving your own fruit was essential to stocking the prairie pantry. What wasn't eaten fresh was made into jam or canned. This ritual has

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Food Truck - Image Credit: trucks have taken Calgary AB by storm, and it seems there's always a new street food dish to try. These meals make the ideal option for lunch breaks, but they also are a great choice for those who want a quick meal while they are out and about with their friends. Food trucks often feature eclectic and flavorful meals that can't be found in a typical restaurant. 

Mouth-watering ingredients and on-site chefs are delivering delicious meals from their food trucks. These are the best food trucks in Calgary that are sure to delight anyone's taste buds.

The Jamaican Jerk

Calgary AB certainly isn't known for its warm breezes and ocean surf, but The Jamaican Jerk brings the beauty and flavor of the Caribbean to town. This food truck

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Tobaggan Runs in Calgary Winter in Calgary – it’s all downhill. Next to hockey, sliding down hills on a wooden sled or toboggan, inner tube or crazy carpet is super-Canadian. Even the word toboggan originates in the eastern part of the country. In the early 1800s, the French adapted the word from the Algonquin Indigenous peoples. It was this community that first used the sleds over the snow.

Some municipalities have outlawed tobogganing due to safety concerns and rightly so. There are unwritten rules about sliding down the hill, like proceed down the hill only when the path is clear. Make sure that the bottom of the run is free of obstacles or unsafe areas such as open water, fences, trees, rocks and roadways. Get off the toboggan as soon as it has stopped at the

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Is Cabinet Refinishing or Cabinet Replacement in Kitchens BestWhen kitchen cabinets begin looking dated or Southeast Calgary homeowners simply tire of the style of color, it is a great time to consider cabinet refinishing or cabinet replacement. Here are the differences between these two course of action, so that owners can make an informed choice concerning this costly investment.

The Process of Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing can be a challenging process, even if using an all-in-one kit. The process begins by removing the cabinet's facing and drawers and then removing any hardware present. Refinishing involves removing old stain or paint and sanding the surfaces thoroughly. This is followed by a good cleaning before applying primer, a new color or non-toxic wood stain, and then sealing them.

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What to Know When Renewing Your MortgageHomeowners in Canada who still owe a balance on their mortgage will be faced with making some decisions as renewal time nears. Mortgage holders have the choice of staying with their current lender or in seeking other, potentially money-saving opportunities elsewhere.

Current lenders will send out renewal slips to mortgage holders encouraging customers to take the simple route to renewal. While there are reasons this may end up being the best option, mortgage holders may be better served by exploring alternatives.

Here is your guide to the Canadian mortgage renewal process.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Be Prepared

Make a note

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Home Insurance BasicsBuying a home is a large, long-term investment that deserves protection. Home insurance has many benefits and limitations, and can be somewhat difficult for people to understand. With the answers to these questions, buyers will have a better idea of what to expect when they go shopping for home insurance.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

People who have homeowners insurance need to know what is typically covered by their policies, and how those aspects of the home are covered. Typically, a policy will provide for compensation based on actual cash value or replacement value of an item that is stolen or destroyed due to a covered event. Actual cash value takes into consideration the natural depreciation of possessions like furniture or

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