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Mer Yang, Real Estate Advisor

Mer started out with aspirations of becoming a lawyer, investing time and effort into networking within the legal community. However, she recognized that her true passion lay elsewhere, leading her to reevaluate her path and ultimately leave her law studies behind.

Transitioning to work as a Children's Ministry Director at her church, Mer demonstrated her leadership skills by reviving and expanding a children's program that faced challenges. This accomplishment showcases her ability to bring about positive change and create a nurturing environment for individuals of all ages.

Mer's decision to enter the world of modeling highlights her openness to exploring different avenues. Modeling helped her cultivate charisma and confidence, traits that can undoubtedly benefit her role as a real estate agent.

Becoming a REALTOR was a natural progression for Mer, given her love for working with people and families. Her enthusiasm and strong customer service orientation align well with the demands of the real estate industry.

Mer's dedication to volunteer work in Sunday school underlines her commitment to serving others. This sense of service extends to her desire to go above and beyond for her real estate clients during important transitions in their lives.

Mer's achievements in speech and debate indicate her effective communication skills, an asset in real estate negotiations and client interactions.

Outside of her professional life, Mer's dedication to fitness and personal growth, as evident through her daily spin classes and reading habits, reflects her commitment to continuous self-improvement.

Mer's experiences, skills, and values all converge to make her a well-rounded and promising real estate agent. Her journey from law studies to ministry, modeling, and now real estate is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to serving others.

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